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Friday Wisdom is shared from Christine Agro’s Conscious Living Wisdom Cards (Special Moms’ Edition) Each Deck has 42 cards and a booklet that offer insight and guidance for parenting consciously.

Patience Card #40 in The Conscious Living Wisdom Cards (Special Moms’ Edition)

Today I drew the Patience Card.

I wrote a post back in May 2012 about patience (Insight: How To Have Patience). There is great information in the post about what energetically causes us to loss our patience, please have a read in addition to reading the text for the Patience Conscious Living Wisdom Card.

For You

“In your patience you will possess your soul.” –St. Paul. So many people struggle with trying to “have patience.”  The point they are often missing is this: Like so many other things in our lives, lacking patience offers a key to our own healing and inner growth. To simply say “have patience” doesn’t deal with the cause of impatience.  A lack of patience is rooted in the invalidations and wounding we have experienced.  Our impatience comes from feeling undervalued, unseen, unheard and pushed away.  Finding patience requires understanding what triggers our impatience.  Start a journal that allows you to reflect on the situations in which you experience impatience.  Healing is simple. Once you can see the energies that contribute to your reactions, you can release those energies. You must release them, in fact, or you will continue to create opportunities that encourage you to release. It is your life’s journey to be healed and to be whole.

For Your Child

Often we put too much emphasis on what we can’t do, rather than on what we actually can do and this starts at a very young age.  Impatience in a child is generally rooted in frustration – the frustration of not being understood, of not being able to sync up what she knows with what she can physically do, of not being seen and of not being heard.  It is our job as moms to set an example, to approach situations and our children with patience and to help our children understand that what they know, what they want to do and what they can do will eventually meet.    Help your child understand her limitations, whether they are temporary or long-lasting. Help your child find constructive ways to express frustration.  Teach her how to use words to express what she is felling or encourage her to draw a picture if words fail her. Help your child find alternative approaches to situations and, most importantly, encourage your child to celebrate and take note of her accomplishments.

Patience Card #40 in The Conscious Living Wisdom Cards (Special Moms’ Edition), Illustrated by Samantha Bachechi, Creative Medium LTD (C) 2010-2012 Conscious Living Unlimited LLC

**A note about The Conscious Living Guide Wisdom Cards (Special Moms’ Edition): There are 42 cards in the deck and a guide book. The guide book includes insight for you which is meant to help you live life more consciously as well as insight for your child, which is meant to help support you in your Conscious Parenting. *Additionally, to avoid the awkwardness of saying he/she all the time, I have picked one gender to identify in each card.

© 2012 Christine Agro

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