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What will your last words be?  We really have no idea and I’m certain most of us seldom think about it.

What got me thinking about this was a loss our family experienced. Alice, a woman very near and dear to me, had a stroke that paralyzed her and rendered her unable to speak. Alice passed a few weeks later.

At her funeral, her granddaughter spoke.  She told us that Alice’s last words to her were “I love you.  I’m so proud of you. You are beautiful.”  I thought back to Alice’s last words to me and they were “give that beautiful boy of yours a kiss for me.”  Alice saw the beauty in all people and focused on the good.  Her words were always encouraging.  I left her funeral feeling poignantly conscious of my interactions with everyone in my life.

How often are our last words harsh or critical?  How often do we put things off until later?

A few days afterAlice’s funeral, my son Caidin asked me if I could help him find the tiny little head of his blue transformer.

My first response was “we’ll look when you get home for school” and then I thought, “what if this was the last thing I said?”  So I took five minutes to help him look.  We didn’t find it, but at least we tried and if this was our last interaction, he would remember me helping him, not the fact that we never got to look.

This is what conscious living is all about.  It’s showing up for each and every moment in the way that is true, honest, meaningful, loving and present.  We can all find five extra minutes to stop and do something now instead of putting it off until later.  We can all think about the words that come out of our mouths, especially with our loved ones.

Do we really need to nag or criticize?

Will the little things like toilet seats and dishes in the sink matter when it’s our time to leave this world?

We may not know what our last words will be, but if we live life consciously we have a much better chance that they will be thoughtful, loving and meaningful.


© 2012 Christine Agro

Christine Agro is a clairvoyant, naturopath, Master Herbalist, conscious mom and author of 50 Ways to Live Life Consciously as well as of The Conscious Living Wisdom Cards (Special Moms’ Edition). Christine is founder of The Conscious Mom’s Guide, a membership site where she helps support you on your own journey of living life consciously and on your journey of being a Conscious parent. You can also join Christine on Facebook. To contact Christine, to schedule an appointment with her or inquire about having Christine speak please email her.

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