Letting Go with Guy Finley
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Let go of the fear of being no one.

Whoever chooses Truth above himself always chooses for himself.

Fear protects itself, not you!

We have no greater friend in life than that small part of us that loves what is True.

Your experience of life is the same as what you value most in each moment. -Guy Finley

The Divine gives us a glimpse of its eternal perfection before it invites us to enter.

To take just one small action based in best faith, or from some level of a conscious choice that serves what we believe in our heart to be good or right, outweighs a thousand of our best intentions that, on […]

The dark and painful pretense of human arrogance exists only as it does because of how distanced we’ve become from the immense, divine mystery of our own being. The more we awaken to the depth of this mystery, the more […]

Whoever doesn’t know himself unwillingly suffers for the sake of ignorance. Whoever works to know himself agrees to suffer for the sake of wisdom. Whoever becomes wise slays the suffering born of ignorance. And whoever transcends the suffering born of […]

We can’t change others—or the purpose of any given moment as it unfolds—but we can work to place one less demand upon both. Only in this action can we hope to find the freedom for which we seek, because the […]