Letting Go with Guy Finley
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The real reason people remain captives of unwanted circumstances in their lives is because they’ve yet to realize this great spiritual secret: Resistance is negative attraction. In other words: the longer we dwell on what we don’t want in life, […]

Once you learn what it means to actually, factually accept the “moment of yourself” – as you are – then you will not only understand what it means to accept all “others” – as they are – but you will […]

Here is why honest self-examination is always the best prescription for whatever troubles the heart: the light of higher self-knowledge not only reveals those secret places within us where hides our pain but, for its enlightening action upon those still […]

What is hard on us is not life itself, but the hardened way in which we tend to think towards it; so that it is nothing other than our own thoughts that turn naturally passing moments into unyielding tablets of […]

Learn to be still and listen: the less you have to say about life, the more Life will speak to you, and start telling you things that ears can’t hear. Everything, every creature, animate or not, is speaking to you […]

It is impossible to resist any condition in life and learn from it at the same time.

Whenever you feel as though you are trapped in life and begin to resist the path before you, remember that these walls you see closing in on you are nothing more — in reality — than the hardened structure of […]

We need never accept the presence of anything in us that wants us to ache over who we are — or are not — for it is given to us to outgrow ourselves anytime that we awaken enough to see […]

The effort to remain inwardly awake, the work to be grounded in the present moment, is not to put away some pain that may be troubling you. The act of being “in Presence” – the attention required to do so […]

One reason why so many people can be found rushing down the road to nowhere is because it costs nothing to get there.