Letting Go with Guy Finley

Letting Go with Guy Finley

Let the Light Reveal What Thought Conceals

posted by Guy Finley

Our spiritual work is to bit by bit discover natural limitations in the thought process.

What has happened in the world today is that human beings have had life replaced with the concept of living. In the concept of living there is not life, because all concepts are merely ideas. We have become a race of beings that literally try to extract our sense of self, our life, from ideas.  No idea has life! All concepts are a form of self-reflection.

I hope that one day, right in the middle, or right after you have bestowed on someone the magnificence of your understanding, you see that what you just did was rob them blind instead of giving them what they asked for. Maybe all they wanted to do was tell you about their problem… but what you wanted to do was tell them about what you understood. There’s nothing in that. That’s a concept that you’ve given.

The spiritual life is about wiping away concepts. Only the light of truth can begin to make a man or a woman stop seeing through the way he or she thinks. Stop thinking and start seeing. Don’t be afraid of what you see, because if you’ll stay there long enough, the light that comes down will show you that you don’t have to be what you thought you had to be. What you will see is all that is keeping you from being all that you can be.

You can have a real life, but you have to do the work.

In the Spiritual World There is No End in Sight

posted by Guy Finley

What we need to succeed in the spiritual life is a heart that can see.

Most people spend more time taking care of their physical bodies than their spiritual ones. They preoccupy themselves with insane appetites to try to keep the body alive instead of being concerned that their spirit is dying.

The truth is… without our spiritual efforts, without working to see what we must see, there is no hope for us. So how do we begin to have a new appreciation for spiritual exercise?

Start over. Be newly roused to become a spiritually self-working man or woman.

Each time you will agree to see something about yourself, it produces within you the right initiative. Real spiritual exercises are created to help you wake up to the truth about you. Waking up is a means to seeing what it is that has you asleep. Seeing you’re asleep is the beginning of your real spiritual struggle. Real spiritual work is not a means to any kind of end that you can envision. It is the means to moving you towards becoming conscious of what you are in relationship with. It is the means to becoming a different order of human being.

The Development of True Peace

posted by Guy Finley


It is a distinct stage in the development of the aspirant when — rather than being easily distracted by some imagined consolation for his pain, or by concluding who is to blame for it — his first and real preference in the moment is to increase his consciousness of his condition, and not to find ways around it.

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(Video) There’s No Sense of Self in a Right Action

posted by Guy Finley

Guy Finley explains that true goodness is not measured by actions which validate your image of being good. What is truly good has no self-reference — it comes from pure action, which is a natural outcome of being present.

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