Letting Go with Guy Finley

We all tell ourselves that we want a new life; we spend hours dreaming of the day when we are freed from self-limitations or otherwise self-compromising behaviors. In our minds we see ourselves walking away from destructive relationships with others, or from habitual negative thoughts and feelings. And this is the problem: We talk to ourselves about the “fresh start”; we plan the path to be taken when things are right; we conspire with others and encourage one another to begin again, to just let go of what “was”. . . but that’s it. We talk but don’t walk! We plan but don’t act. We dream but never awaken to the fact that the new beginning we long for is now or never. There is no such thing as “tomorrow” for anyone who really has it in his or her heart to start over with life.

The true “place” where our lives start fresh, wherein one realizes a new life, is not located on any compass or setting of a clock; it is found only within a new spirit, in the newness of the now.

If we wish to start life all over our one intention must be — from wherever we are in life at present — to consciously realize this evergreen moment as our own. This newness of now is one and the same with our awareness of its presence within us. Its moment of being is our own, and its life refreshes ours.

sunsetman crouching, looking down on clouds



It’s so obvious that billions miss it: to go anywhere in this world of ours requires that we start out right from where we are. So it holds equally true that only by working with what we are in the moment can we ever hope to reach the higher levels of ourselves.

setting sun, shades of orange

The secret fragrance of the present moment is the understanding that Real Life is forever flowering.

woman blowing dandelion

In the end there is only one real freedom… and that is whether or not we give ourselves — freely — to what each moment asks of us.

woman jumping, arms outflank