Letting Go with Guy Finley

Letting Go with Guy Finley

How to Know the Best Diet

posted by Guy Finley

Whole, fresh (preferably organic foods) – vegetables, fruits, and grains – are the best diet. You will know the best diet for you if you put your love of God first. We can eat the same food and each of us will have a different reaction to that food. I know it’s hard, and it’s not much to go on, but make God your guide.

How do you make God your guide? Remember Him. When you eat, watch what happens. Instead of being captured by the desire to stuff as much food as is pleasurable for you (or as you can get in your mouth), eat consciously. Eat, knowing that you are acting out, as you are eating, something that has been taking place since the light first penetrated the darkness at Genesis. Watch.

If you’ll take care of yourself and be alert to yourself, you watch. The problem is, the appetites are stronger, aren’t they? Eat consciously. Watch what happens. If you’ll do that, you will know what you are supposed to eat. Raw is better. Organic is better. Eat as healthy as you possibly can — not for the sake of some image of yourself, but for the purpose of increasing your ability to be quiet and whole.


To Come and Go

posted by Guy Finley

Stand, like mountain,

Bend, like reed.

Surge, like fountain,

Wait, like seed.

Give, like sunshine,

Melt, like snow.

Live like springtime . . .  Come and go.

Relief From Stressful Conditions

posted by Guy Finley

We find it natural to seek relief from the world around us, a world appearing to be one stronghold atop another of stressful conditions and anxiety-producing events. Accordingly, we seek relief from these contentment-crushing states by struggling to change those circumstances we see as being responsible for their cause.

Think of all the ways we’ve attempted to escape those unwanted pressures we find ourselves feeling. But experience tells another story. The more we struggle to change or escape these stressful states of ours, the only thing that really seems to change is the “new” conditions we now see as being the cause of our stress! And it must continue in this way until we realize the truth of one central idea; a realization that leads to our release: What we actually need is not new forms of relief (from these perceived stressful places in our lives) but to be released from our own unconscious nature that is secretly creating the stress we’ve been blaming on situations outside of ourselves.

Let’s examine this inner-discovery using different terms. Stress, and all of its negative relatives, including impatience, anxiety, frustration, and anger, are the self-wrecking effects of first seeing, and then embracing, a false or incomplete view of reality imposed upon us by our own unenlightened nature.

The good news is that the stress-producing self that thrives in this inner-shadowland disappears when the lights come on. And this is precisely our task, to bring much-needed Light into our developing consciousness. As we do, all of the conflict-creating creatures hiding therein have no choice but to depart. Inner victory comes in proportion to the amount of inner Light brought to bear. And since there’s no end to this healing Light, there’s no end to how bright — and free — our destiny can be.


Whenever I Turn From Thee

posted by Guy Finley

Please Father
Whenever I turn from Thee, Remind me
Of what I already know
…About empty places
And vacant faces…
The cost of rushing and finally reaching
Nowhere to go.

Please Father
Whenever I turn from Thee, Remind me
What this world holds without You
…Smoldering desires
And laughing liars…
The deep despairing of souls still clinging
To life untrue.

Please Father
Whenever I turn from Thee, Remind me
I have nothing of my own
…But uncertain footsteps
To constant regrets…
That all worth finding rests fully abiding
In You alone.

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