Letting Go with Guy Finley

Remembering What We Love

Remembering What We Love

The practice of ceaseless prayer only becomes sensible, and therefore possible, as you awaken to just how truly senseless is the tendency of the unattended mind.

Guy Finley explains how even though aspirants have sought stillness for centuries, it can’t be brought about by will. True relationship with stillness begins with seeing, through self-observation, that it’s actually the willfulness of the mind that keeps us apart from the relationship with stillness that we long for.

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The one great exercise of prayer is . . .
To come wide awake
And to place the center of myself
Into the center of my will and . . .
Having done so, take this gathering of attention
And surrender it wholly to my God . . .
To do with whatever I am
As He wills . . . forever.