Letting Go with Guy Finley

To not want any particular moment is to ensure that you will find yourself in a similar situation again.  Resistance rules out receptivity, and only an open mind can be renewed.

The four conditions for happiness are simple: clear eyes, a quiet mind, a sense of beauty, and an open heart. Unhappiness is the dark effect of refusing to cultivate these essential elements for having imagined, by a false light, a contentment that does not exist.


The real limitation in life is a creation of the illusion that outside of us exists something that — if we could only gain it — would have the effect of making of us more than we already possess the potential to be.

When the love of God is your guide, you never step into a moment that isn’t what you’ve always been waiting for.

Every Conscious Act of Love Lifts the World

Every Conscious Act of Love Lifts the World