Letting Go with Guy Finley

Guy Finley explains that you can either sit and regret the cruel behavior you’ve been subjected to by others in your past, or you can use your awareness of the pain it causes you in the present to become properly remorseful about the part of you that feeds it.

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Judging oneself may seem wise to the level of self involved in that judgment; but all judging of oneself is the deflection of a revelation that would heal oneself… if allowed to flower.

Question: Is there any value to “clearing away” the wreckage of the past? It seems to help, yet I feel wrong in trying to correct so many wrongs that are behind me.

Answer: The wreckage of the past exists only in the thoughts of the self that keep it alive. Work to be “right” in the here and now. Come awake to the pain in rehashing regrets and you will see yourself revisiting the scene of a “crime” long past. These scenes are the nightmares created by a sleeping self and are kept alive by remaining asleep to yourself. Learn to prefer your fresh awareness of the new moment over your frustrating memory of moments gone by. Do this special kind of inner work and the healing you want will follow, which includes the healings necessary with, or in, others. This is a spiritual Law.

The past is the past. It has no foothold in us save for the parts of us that are fascinated with reliving the pain for the purpose of confirming the reality of self.

The darkness that torments us over what we may have done does so to keep its place in us now. By misdirecting our attention to a time now passed, it’s able to “hide” in us the present.

Refuse to relive what was… instead, agree to see yourself as you are now. This is the only way for us to die to what lives within us at our expense. Yes, it’s painful, but “evil” isn’t an act; in some ways it’s in the part of us that clings to what was in order to “be” now.