Letting Go with Guy Finley

When, at times, the spiritual aspirant feels as though there’s no reason to go on…because he can no longer believe in an imagined good somewhere ahead of him, he comes to what seems a complete dead end. And yet, it is exactly in this place that he must step through himself, and persist in the work of doing what is right and true simply for the sake of a Goodness yet unknown, barely realized.

But by what will can he pass into and through this place of emptiness? He is without the fullness, the motivation provided by hope in things seen; he has no force of his own to summon. His heart is dry, his mind barren of reason other than why he should accept what seems an obvious end to his quest.

And so, he stands in a strange desolation. He is double stricken, for his is the poverty and the paradox of somehow knowing that even though he can’t do a single thing to increase his stature…nevertheless, somewhere within him, just ahead awaits a great prize: the realization, inheritance, and authority over worlds untold.

And so, summoning a will not his own… he steps into the unknown.

Whoever struggles to protect himself from his perceived fear does not banish his enemy but secretly breeds the dark seeds of its life…desert, rocks

Guy Finley explains in this brief talk that it is possible for us to find complete freedom from the mechanical, enemy-making nature that presently tricks us into believing that it is necessary to our well-being to have enemies of any kind.

We cannot change the world that we see until something changes in us the way we see it… dark sky, full moon, clouds