Letting Go with Guy Finley

Question: Can guilt be used to tell me that I did something that needs to be changed?

Answer: Guilt is a wasted, useless, and ultimately self-destructive state. We need only see ourselves as we are in the moment when misstepping. This awareness not only changes what misstepped within us, but it also dismisses any wrong identification with our fault.

To look for reconciliation outside of what the Divine reveals within you in “each” present moment is to look in the wrong place, for the wrong thing.

The only reason the present moment, as it is, seems as though it is not enough as it is to heal whatever hounds us… is because a discontented part of us imagines there should be something more… and if there was, then (at last) we would feel at peace. Seen properly — that is to say, truly — this means that all of our unhappiness with what we have, with what we are, and with what has happened to us in the past, is the unconscious movement of something within us ceaselessly “telling” us that it knows what we need to be happy… even as it creates the very discontent it decries.

Who we really are doesn’t live in the past, and therefore cannot be punished by anything that happened there. If anything, the repeated pain of reliving whatever the problems may have been should be showing us we are in the wrong place… we are in the wrong parts of us. Just don’t go there!

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