Letting Go with Guy Finley

Question: I am 20 weeks pregnant. I’ve already felt the strong precious being inside of me. Especially when I am praying I feel the Spirit in my child. What words of direction can you give to me about being a mother who nurtures and never crushes or hinders a child’s awareness of the Truth, True Life? I desire for my child to be truly free from the inside out.

Answer: I commend you for your wish. Now you must do the hard work of actualizing this right desire. Children, especially those still in the womb, are virtual sponges of all orders of impressions. Every breath drawn taken in a negative state is a breath blown into that child’s lungs. You can figure out the rest, but let me add an important note: The fear that I have fallen or failed my child gives my child not my wish for solid ground, but instead a soiled ground. Just drop the moments in which you find yourself compromised. Stay awake as best you can. The very energy you attract to yourself by your wish to awaken gives your child a kind of “food” that gives him/her a tremendous head start in developing its essence.

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