Letting Go with Guy Finley


High anxiety has plagued me for sometime now, though I am not always conscious of it — I only realize it when I start having physical symptoms, like insomnia, or a racing heart. I am not sure how to stop it. This is not how I want to live! Any insights would be greatly appreciated!


Basically speaking — but you will see this for yourself, and make the necessary explorations and subsequent interconnections that change may occur — chronic anxiety is the negative byproduct, an insidious pattern, of a mind that has “learned” to frighten itself. Such fear and anxiety that become systemic need to be addressed with authentic knowledge, persistence, and above all patience. Think of a child who has been without any discipline, and allowed to have its own way regardless of what problems it creates. It would be unrealistic to think that such a child could be immediately “cured” of the unconscious conditions that formerly governed all of his or her actions; a wise, patient, but strong hand would be needed to make any true and lasting corrections in the consciousness of such a child. This is not an altogether incorrect metaphor for misery brought on by chronic anxiety. You already know — or at least intuit — that you are not intended to be dominated by any dark state. Strengthen the situation by becoming increasingly conscious of your condition as it is even as you work, diligently, to withdraw your consent from this state as it works its way to compromise you. All negative states are born in the darkness of our self, from the darkness in our self, and allowed to exist because they have been enabled by the darkness in ourselves. Bringing the light (of awareness) into them is the beginning of their end, which is the end of their hold over your life. 
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