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QUESTION: I got an email from Maggie, who has read some of my book and is struggling with her current boyfriend. She said they had a wonderful relationship, except for the bad issues from her past about falling in love. […]

Jenna wrote: My boss recently got burned by her boyfriend and is very bitter toward men. I’m married to a wonderful guy and she knows it. She constantly snipes at me with comments that include a reference to my “perfect […]

A reader who I’ll call Lisa wrote that she has to go to an event for a friend who is friendly with her ex-boyfriend, so he’ll be there too. This guy took advantage of Lisa when they were involved. She […]

A reader asked how she can stop loaning money to family. They rarely pay her back and always have a rationale about why she needs to help them out. They don’t help her. Yet they act like it’s her responsibility […]

Helena wrote that her boss knows she works faster than the other people in her department and lately has been putting her on the spot to work overtime after work, and on weekends. While she does get paid for the […]

A reader asked in a comment, how could her daughter say she liked being treated like crap? She and her brother use it as an excuse to treat Mom poorly and she wants to change it. How could they say […]

Last Friday my post was What, Me Worry? A reader asked for help with dealing with her child’s fears. Since we all get scared of the unknown sometimes, I’m answering here. Kids and adult can both think ahead and imagine […]

A reader I’ll call Deb wrote to ask about how to set more boundaries with Vi, someone she only considers an acquaintance. They know each other from school days so Deb doesn’t want to completely cut her but Vi calls […]

I got a question from Leslie, whose good friend Cara often needs to give her unasked for advice on how to improve herself or something she does, even though she doesn’t ask for it. Cara is a lovely kind person […]

Someone asked this question on my post about counting your blessings that I wrote about Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving. She said she knows she has many blessings, and expresses her gratitude. But, this time of year, with all the holiday […]