Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

This is post 76 in my series on the Law of Attraction in Action. You CAN use your power to attract all that you need. I do it every day! Read the posts in this series to see how.

Are you enjoying your life, thoroughly and completely wherever you are, every day? Most people I speak with don’t seem to. It’s so easy to get caught up in doing what you’re supposed to do—working, doing chores at home, obligatory visits to family, trying to keep up with email, etc. The pursuit of happiness can become just an effort to get through the day and get as much done as possible. Eventually you fall into habits that are practical but don’t make you feel good.

Pleasure can take a back seat to getting it all done. Yet it’s pleasure that attracts the best kind of life!

I realized lately that I’ve been forgetting to make room for lots of pleasure in my life—every day. I have fun sometimes, but have been so immersed in my writing that I’m alone more than I used to be. I do enjoy being solo and get a lot of pleasure from having time to write for many uninterrupted hours. But, I realized recently that I need more balance. I haven’t been attracting as many new and pleasurable opportunities because I’m not seeking the kind of pleasure into my life that I used to have.

Getting into too many daily routines puts your life on autopilot. Like me, you can forget to do what it takes to make doing everything pleasurable.

I realized I needed to recapture my pleasure in daily life! People are surprised to hear this since I say how much I love my life. This is very true! I’m blessed beyond measure. But I’ve also gotten into some ruts that need to be fixed. You know what ruts in the road can do to your car if you keep driving over them. Life ruts can do something similar to the path you’re trying to follow.

Getting into ruts diverts your attention and energy from what you’d like to be your life’s purpose and from having the most pleasure you can.

I want LOTS of pleasure in my life! As I took stock of why I’m not getting enough, I decided to take a huge step. I recently mentioned that I registered for the Mastery program at Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts. Her program focuses on having as much pleasure as is possible. Happy and satisfied people attract a lot more happiness and satisfaction. I want more pleasure! I deserve more pleasure! And I intend to attract it!

When you fall into ruts, it’s important to do what you can to bring more pleasure into your life!

I’ve always been the kind of person who has fun doing whatever I’m involved in. Having a smile and cheerful attitude makes for more pleasurable interactions in my travels. When I had a day job, I loved to joke and bring goodies in to share with colleagues. I play music and dance while cleaning in my apartment. Music is a great way to bring in more pleasure! But my rut left me wanting more. Mama Gena’s Mastery program seemed like the best way for me to shake things up in my life. I’ve wanted to take the Mastery for years, but didn’t because it’s expensive, even with my deeep discount for registering early.

But, as Mama Gena points out, what better investment can you make than one in yourself!?!

So I dove in and registered. The Mastery encourages pleasure and allowing yourself pleasure, which tells the Universe you want pleasurable circumstance. Mama Gena’s concept of pleasure extends to attracting good health and great income earning situations. The underlying component for attracting everything you want is mastering the art of giving yourself as much pleasure as possible. This is how I want to live. I see things on the program that are way out of my comfort zone (in the rut I live in) but I’m determined to conquer it all!

How often do you refer to your life as pleasurable??

Mine is happy and I’m content. But, I haven’t been consciously looking for ways to make everything more pleasurable. Doing so will attract more pleasure. When you focus on pleasure you get more! Pleasure puts you into a mindset to attract more goodies. When you’re feeling happy, there are less negative thoughts to impede your desires. Putting out your intentions with a smile is so much more effective than forcing them out as you fight negatives. I encourage you to be VERY conscious as you go about each day. Look for ways to give yourself more. Be creative about looking for ways to bring more pleasure into your life. What small things can you add to attract more pleasure?

• Go out for lunch with a friend instead of eating a sandwich at your desk at work.

• Take a dancercize type of class at the gym instead of always doing a monotonous machine.

• Talk to the ingredients about what a nice day it is when you’re cooking. 🙂

• Say positive affirmations about what a pleasurable life you have?

• Get out more where you can meet new people, like volunteering, going to networking events, or whatever rocks your pleasure.

• Have a few rounds on a swing in the playground without a child on your lap.

• Smile at everyone you can. Flirt when you can!

• Put your foot down on working too much overtime and use the extra time for your joy.

Find your pleasure points—anything that feels good or brings a smile to your face—and work them! I start Mama Gena’s Mastery program the weekend of March 20th and will share some of my experiences here. Meanwhile I ‘m reading her book, Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts : Using the Power of Pleasure to Have Your Way with the World. The more pleasure you allow into your life, the more you’ll attract. Have a good time living your life! Smiles beget more smiles and makes life a joy to experience. No more just passing time everyone! That’s what I did as a DoorMat and I felt comatose from lack of pleasure. Now I’m going to indulge. Will keep you posted on what happen!

Join me! Look for every way you can to bring more pleasure into your life. That how we empowered people should live!

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Recently an anonymous subscriber wrote a scathing comment on my post about Grudges. Anon is unsubscribing, viewing me as being sneaky and vindictive. People who change their people pleasing ways often get chided or mislabeled by others. As I grew into an empowered woman, many names were hurled at me by people I said no to or who I stopped allowing to walk all over me.

Selfish and bitch/bastard are commonly used to manipulate people into retuning to their more giving ways.

Depending on their situations, people have varied perspectives about situations, and words. I’ve been called a bitch for taking care of myself so many times that my first workshop was called, Be a Better Bitch/Bastard. A better bitch/bastard gets called a bitch/bastard by someone who is frustrated about not getting their way or you speak up for yourself or set any other boundaries for what you give or do for others (NOTE: I’m wearing my Better Bitch and Proud of it t-shirt in the pic. I have a few left for $15, shipping included in the US).

Name-calling is often used as a weapon to get you to give in or as an outlet for disagreement.

I subscribe to the sticks & stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me—unless I let them mentality. Words can sting or hurt you a lot if you accept them as your truth. I wasn’t a bitch when I was accused of being one. Nor was I selfish for wanting my desires filled too instead of just always going along with where others wanted to eat, what they wanted to do, etc.

As long as you KNOW you’re NOT what a person accuses you of being in words, you’re not. Names only have validity if you agree.

This blog is about my experiences and what worked for me and my clients. I KNOW that I’m not sneaky and vindictive as Anon called me. Of course he or she is entitled to personal opinions. I respect that not everyone will like or agree with me. But it isn’t my truth. Anon gave examples of why I am those words. I’m pretty sure I know which ones they are. This is how I see it.

* In my post called Miserably Skinny I wrote that I told someone to shut up when she asked challenged my food choice. This person was always critical of my body and picked on me for ordering a burger and fries, I told her not to tell me how to eat. But when the food came, she began a lecture that in the past ruined my pleasure (and I rarely have a burger and fries and wanted to enjoy it fully!). So I told her to shut up. I’d warned her several times to keep her criticism to herself. I didn’t need advice from someone who was skinny but miserable. And despite what Anon thinks, I’d do it again to someone who doesn’t stop her verbal jabs after being told more than once that it’s unacceptable and she had no right to speak to me like that.

* The other example was from my post on Grudges. Anon said I got a kick out of something bad happening to the worker in my building who began loudly stripping floors in the apartment bedroom right above me before 8AM on a Saturday, which by the way is illegal in NY. I could have reported him to the building manager or filed a complaint with the city, which would have created trouble for him with his job. Instead I released any recourse to the Universe and let God take care of it. Right after that, our building manager denied him the time off he wanted during the holidays.

I’d much rather let God sort it out instead of me looking to hurt someone.

I didn’t get a kick out of something bad happening to him or wish him evil. But I did get a kick out of the Law of Attraction returning it to him. And I did say I got a kick out of him thinking that I was giving him a holiday gift when it was an envelope with a note explaining (nicely!) how I was leaving it to God to deal with it. He’d done other inconsiderate things but this was intolerable. I didn’t detail it in my post but he knew I was getting physically ill from all the construction noise that began before 7 AM every weekday morning. Some of you may remember that I live facing the building that had the awful crane accident 2 years ago.

This guy and I discussed how unnerving it was. He had a problem just working with constant drilling and banging and knew how much I valued being able to catch up on sleep on weekends. My doorman said he warned the guy not to work so early but he had plans for the day and only cared about finishing early. So I thought he got an appropriate result of his actions!

Leaving grudges in God’s hands is the best recourse against someone who does you wrong.

Anon said the energy radiating from my words is ugly. Oh well. Anon has chosen to unsubscribe and that’s his/her choice. I wish him/her a blessed life. I have no idea of what caused his/her perspective and it doesn’t matter. I know who I am, which really is what matters. Be careful about letting word jabs hurt you or your joy. Always remember that names can never hurt you unless you let them. I no longer let them. I know if I do wrong or put out bad energy, it will surely come back to me. Meanwhile, my life continues to grow with delight!

When you own your right to not adopt what someone else thinks of you as true, you can guide your life down a path of YOUR choice!

Do your best to do the right thing and also understand that you and people around you may see things differently and that’s okay. Don’t let others rattle your path. Everyone has issues that push their buttons when they see or hear or read certain things. I still do. It’s important to remember that their issues aren’t yours. So I’ll continue to write my blog as I choose and people can read or not read it as they choose. Getting upset about someone else’s name calling ain’t worth the bad energy attached to it. Bless them with a good spirit and move on!

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This is post 75 in my series on the Law of Attraction in Action. You CAN use your power to attract all that you need. I do it every day! Read the posts in this series to see how.

Wanna know how to get on my nerves? Finish my sentence because you assume you know what I’m going to say. Or do what you assumed that I wanted instead of waiting for my answer. I don’t like when people second guess me. Many people don’t like it either. Yet we often second-guess ourselves when our confidence isn’t what it should be or if we’re scared or feel undeserving.

You limit what you can have or do by assuming it won’t work out.

When I was a DoorMat, I turned my assumptions into roadblocks for getting things I wanted by assuming I couldn’t have them. I believed I knew my place when it came to dating. For example, there were certain men I assumed were out of my league so I didn’t even allow myself a chance to date one. My assumptions led me to attract only the guys I assumed were what I deserved. Looking back, I prevented the “better” guys from dating me by assuming I wasn’t good enough for them. It happens in all areas of life.

Assumptions become your reality when they dominate your beliefs since you attract what you think.

Making assumptions can become a habit you don’t even notice—an automatic response to situations that you lack of confidence in or that low self-esteem can trigger. You may assume that:

* You won’t get the job you’d love because of the number of applicants. Someone has to get it so why not you? Assuming you won’t happen keeps you from applying and sends a message that you know you won’t get it. The Universe will accommodate you in not getting it.

* Someone doesn’t like you because they’re cool when you see them. Assuming that makes you cooler to the person. But often the other person is shy or may think you’re the one who doesn’t like them. I’ve assumed that about someone and quickly caught myself. When I made an effort to be friendly, the person warmed up too.

* You can’t go the distance in some form of exercise. I’m a walk-a-holic and on many occasions invited a friend to join me on a very long walk. Usually they assume they can’t do it and try to get out of it. The ones I prod are surprised that they were able to make it without falling apart. And it makes them happy to know they did it!

* It’s not the right time to ask for a raise. The right time is when you feel you DESERVE one! Assuming your boss won’t think you’ve earned one or that they company can’t afford it attracts less money. And if you don’t ask, you sure won’t get more!

You won’t know what you’re capable of doing or getting unless you try. That’s why assumptions need to be kicked out from under you if you’re letting them limit what you get. I stayed in DoorMatville for many years, assuming if I left I’d have no friends or security. Now I know that I create my own security, and people like me more, and for the right reasons, because I’m my own person now instead of a cloying people pleaser.

While I’m not into astrology in general, Susan Miller at Astrology Zone‘s horoscopes have been very accurate for me. Once she said that a one week window would bring me so much sex appeal, no guy would be able to resist me. I thought it was funny, but, it made me want to see if it was true. I went to a talk and saw a gorgeous guy across the room. Normally I’d have assumed he was out of my league but this time I smiled at him and got one back. We ended up going out for food after. I did this 2 more times that week and met some great guys I’d ordinarily not tried for. It taught me a lot about assumptions.

When you put out an energy of expecting instead of assuming you won’t get something, you’re more likely to receive.

Alan Alda said, “Begin challenging your own assumptions. Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once and a while, or the light won’t come in.”

Illuminate your life by giving yourself space left by assumption roadblocks that you get rid of. Challenge your assumptions by going after what you want. The worst that can happen is you don’t get what you want. But not taking risks assures you won’t get it! Years ago someone I worked me heard me saying that I assumed someone else would get the better assignment for the work I did at the time. He stopped me and said I must remember that when you assume something, you put an ass in front of u and me.


Now I’m on the alert for my assumptions. Most of the time I catch myself from letting assumptions stop me. I want to attract all the good I can! So I don’t want to give the Universe assumptions to make real. If you catch yourself assuming that something won’t happen, ask yourself what you’re afraid of? Rejection? Not being able to do the job? Disappointment? Being judged unfairly? Work on resolving those issue to dissolve the assumptions.

ANYTHING can be achieved or received by putting your mind to it, literally and spiritually!

Watch out for your own assumptions and catch yourself before you allow them to stop you from trying something or sending the wrong message to the Universe. Remember, assumptions don’t stop you unless you embrace them! Instead, embrace a desire to do what you want and get excited about getting it. That’s a lot more rewarding.

See all the Law of Attraction in Action Series..

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I get many people to answer questions when I write my books, to find out what they think. The most common thing identified that both men and women are afraid to do is to speak in front of a group. Many would rather die that have the attention on them, whether it’s for a meeting at work, making a toast at wedding, or at a workshop that offers the chance to ask questions or give your opinion. Fear of saying the wrong thing or being received poorly can motivate avoiding these situations at all costs.

When you dodge speaking in front of a group because you’re scared, you can miss out on good opportunities.

In my DoorMat days I’d go to any lengths not to speak to more than one person at a time. Bigger groups intimidated me and my lips would feel crazy glued together. I was so insecure that I couldn’t imagine speaking without stumbling over my words or saying something stupid. I’d be at a panel and think something good to say. Others seemed to have it easy going up to the mic and chatting with the panelists. But, as I thought about raising my hand, my mouth would get dry and my heart beat so fast from fear that I couldn’t imagine how I’d get the words out without collapsing.

When I was trying to build my record label years ago, I went to a big music conference. I was on the cusp of building confidence—not yet there but knowing I had to take risks to succeed. One panel stirred some questions that I thought were provocative and would add some interesting elements to the discussion. Asking required me to explain what I was doing. I sat there, practicing what I’d say in my head, taking deep breaths to calm down and giving myself a silent pep talk. “I can do it!” In the past, I never got to the mic because I waited too long to get up. But I knew what had to be done.

Taking risks can reap the biggest rewards.

I wanted to move forward and got my butt out of the seat. Slowly, I got in line behind other people waiting to speak. Part of me prayed the panel would end before they got to me; a bigger part prayed that wouldn’t happen. I wondered if people could tell I was trembling as I continued to do deep breathing to build my courage. I’ll never forget how I felt when the guy in front of me finished. It was my turn. Too late to back out! I slowly stated my point and asked my question. People perked up and the panelists liked what I said.

Taking control of the fear of speaking up feels great when you get to the other side, even if it doesn’t got as well as you’d have liked. You should be proud of doing it at.

My rewards made it worthwhile to endure the stress of waiting on the line to speak. People came to me to say they loved what I said and asked for my card. And, a celebrity panelist—Ice-T—came over to speak to me. After that, I put a lot of thought into finding something “brilliant” to say on the mic at conferences, so people would know who I was. That led to meeting a lot of good people who helped me in my career.

People who speak up aren’t free of fear. They just push themselves to speak anyway.

People who know me are surprised that I still get nervous before being on a TV show or speaking in front of a group. It gets easier as you do it more often but for most of us, it doesn’t get easy. Speaking in front of large groups is part of my profession so I had to learn to get past the fear with steps to calm down and you can too:

Take slow deep breaths through you nose and then ever more slowly let it out though your mouth. In any nervous situation, this can take the edge off of nervousness, slow down your heart rate and make you feel more relaxed.

Be prepared! Know well what you plan to speak about. The more you research or read or learn about the topic you plan to speak about, the more confidence you’ll have and the better you’ll sound.

Think before you speak. Don’t just blurt something out on the fly. I let possibilities ruminate in my head for a while before I open my mouth. I also think of ideas before I even go out. Saying something that sounds good helps you attract people for networking or making money!

Do affirmations. I’ve been waiting for my turn to speak or ask a question and felt my insides quaking. That’s when I repeat things in my head to build confidence. “I will sound fabulous when I speak.” Before appearing on TV shows, I sometimes go to the mirror and repeat to myself that I’m really good and can make a great impression. Over and over. Damn! I really am good! ?

Start small to build confidence. Speak up in a small group, then at a work meeting where you can come in prepared. The more you speak up and see that the world doesn’t implode, the easier it becomes.

Accept that everyone makes mistakes and if you stumble over a word or goof up in some way, it’s okay. Laugh and move on. People don’t remember for long, if at all. Just focus on the message you want to get across.

Use your spiritual power. I look up and say thanks for support in sounding good when I speak. The more I feel supported, the more confident I become. I’ve put my words into the Universe’s hands and then I know I can do it well.

Lat week I went to an intro class at Mama Gena’s School of the Womanly Arts. It’s an amazing program that pushes women to be the best they can be. They also encourage bragging and Mama Gena walked around with a mic, asking women to stand up and brag. Those who did mainly knew her already and had been through her program. There were over 250 women there. I had to speak so I raised my hand! The mic was passed to me and I gave a short rundown of my accomplishments. I got huge applause and made some fabulous contacts with women who came up to me after because of what I said.

Speaking up brings MANY rewards! Build your courage and try it! The more you do it, the more you’ll have the confidence to do it more. That confidence can carry over to other areas of your life and help you progress in your life journey, no matter where you’re going!

NOTE: I will be starting Mama Gena’s Mastery program next month and will share some of the lessons here.

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