Lessons from a Recovering Doormat
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You know it’s not good to lie yet often we lie to ourselves. That might sound ridiculous but we do. Some people may see it as deluding yourself but when you tell yourself something that you know isn’t true, it’s […]

I grew up hearing about what females are “supposed to do.” My friends and I pretended we were brides when I was young. It was a goal we all aspired to achieve. We played with our dolls to practice being […]

I believe in the importance of having good posture. The good thing is it’s easy to fake! Standing up straight and tall is a good habit to create for many reasons. One is that it helps you to feel better […]

A reader, who I’ll call Sandy, wrote to say she was making progress with doing what she wanted but her friends and family continued too judge her choices. Sandy pared down her lifestyle so she could quit her good job […]

I talk a lot about how your emotions affect what you manifest. They can also affect how you handle your money. My guest today is Matthew T. Shafer, author of The Future of Your Wealth.  He’s a graduate of American […]

Have you ever just wanted to be left alone but someone intruded on your space? When I was a DoorMat and someone talked my ear off when I wanted silence I’d just smile and let them go on and on. […]

We often use words incorrectly. You may say one thing and mean another, without even realizing it. Often it’s done unconsciously. But it’s important to be aware of excuses you make for not doing something. Your words can keep you […]

Do you find yourself surrounded by people who need you for something? Do you tend to end up with romantic partners who need fixing? It’s common, especially for DoorMats who have people pleasing as part of their M.O.  I did […]

As you try to build self-love, you can forget how terrific you are. You are terrific! It can be helpful to carry a list of some of your assets around with you in your wallet, like you carry pictures of […]

I encounter many people who share that they’re scared to express how they feel to friends, family, work colleagues, etc. Some don’t know why they’re scared. Not knowing what the results might be can cause the greatest fear. Fear of […]