Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

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Law of Attraction in Action: Luck

I’m a bit late this week due to busy but good things going one. This is my fifteenth post in my Monday series on the Law of Attraction, inspired by watching Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, the movie, […]


Why I Don’t Quit

People often say they envy my career. I admit that I love, I mean LOVE what I do. Writing and speaking is purely passion driven. Knowing that what I do helps so many people is especially rewarding. People see it […]


Law of Attraction in Action: Clear Intentions

This is my fourteenth post in my Monday series on the Law of Attraction, inspired by watching Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, the movie, expanded version. I feel very strongly about helping you understand how to take control […]


I Got a New MacBook Pro Laptop from Apple–FREE!

I’m excited. In my Law of Attraction in Action: Service People post at the end of August, I talked about how being considerate to customer service people attracts a lot better service and other good things. Leo Durocher said, ‘Nice […]

Thanks to Our Veterans!–Operation Gratitude

Today is Veteran’s Day, when we honor the men and women, past and present, who gave their time, service and sometimes their lives to protect our country. While I don’t agree with why we went to war in Iraq, I […]

Law of Attraction in Action: Miracles Part 2

This is my thirteenth post in my Monday series on the Law of Attraction in Action, inspired by watching Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, the movie, expanded version. You can find the other posts at the end of […]

Law of Attraction in Action: Miracles Part 1

This is my twelfth post in my Monday series on the Law of Attraction, inspired by watching Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, the movie, expanded version. I want to talk about using the Law of Attraction to attract […]

Do You Want to Win at the Game of Life?

Have you ever watched someone who seemed to possess second-rate skills or talent have a first-rate success? Did it make you wonder why, since so many people who are more gifted or smarter go nowhere? The latter ones may have […]

Law of Attraction in Action: Respect

This is my eleventh post in my Monday series on the Law of Attraction, inspired by watching Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, the movie, expanded version. I’ve encountered some interesting views of the concept of RESPECT. Some people […]

Nasty Bosses

I was at a diner I like recently and asked my usual waitress if she felt better, since the last time I was they said she went home sick. She whispered to me that she’d has a run-in with the […]

Law of Attraction in Action: Recovering Your Health

This is my tenth post in my Monday series on the Law of Attraction in Action, inspired by watching Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, the movie, expanded version. I haven’t been feeling well for 3 weeks. It began […]

Law of Attraction in Action: “Too Blessed to Be Stressed”

This is my ninth post in my Monday series on the Law of Attraction, inspired by watching Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, the movie, expanded version. “Too Blessed to Be Stressed”Stress is all around us. I hear folks […]

Interview withMahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda–Swamiji

I recently was honored with a very special visitor. His Holiness, Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda—known as Swamiji—came over to do an interview. Swamiji has traveled around the world 35 times to help spread world peace to as many people as […]

Law of Attraction in Action: Revenge

This is my eighth post in my Monday series on the Law of Attraction in Action, inspired by watching Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, the movie, expanded version. This DVD is much cheaper than The Secret and the […]

Running with Goals

Sometimes I really love my runs in Central Park, but too often I don’t. It’s delightful to speed along on a perfect, clear, not humid, fairly cool day, especially when I feel well rested. But in the summer it gets […]

The Law of Attraction in Action: Who Are You?

This is my seventh post in my Monday series on the Law of Attraction, inspired by watching Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, the movie, expanded version. I know it’s Tuesday but I’m traveling and didn’t have Internet access […]

Law of Attraction in Action: Age

This is my sixth post in my Monday series on the Law of Attraction, inspired by watching Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, the movie, expanded version, except it’s not Monday. ?It’s been a hectic week and I couldn’t […]

Acing a Job Interview

Many companies are going under. People are losing jobs. Some just want to get a better one. Women who stayed home to raise kids are getting back into the workforce. New graduates are looking for their starter jobs. With so […]

Law of Attraction in Action: Smiling in Your Mirror of Other People

This is my fifth post in my Monday series on the Law of Attraction, inspired by watching Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, the movie, expanded version. Yesterday I was in a special mood today. Some things had gone […]

Law of Attraction in Action: Easing Your Way to Joy

This is my fourth post in my series on the Law of Attraction, inspired by watching Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, the movie, expanded version. I learned about the Law of Attraction from her books and was re-inspired […]

Running with Electronics

Exercise is touted as one of the best stress relievers. Every article I read has exercise as one of the top recommended outlets to help yourself relax. I run in Central Park 3-4 days a week and it does help […]

The Law of Attraction in Action: Kindness

This is my third start the week post in my series on the Law of Attraction that was inspired by watching Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, the movie, expanded version. I learned about the Law of Attraction from […]

Women Get a Heart Advocate

It’s concerned me for a while that so much health research is done on men. Then the facts are generalized to include women. This isn’t good for women, since our bodies are very different. So are our needs and the […]

The Law of Attraction in Action: Service People

Every Monday I’ll try to post something for my Law of Attraction series that I was motivated to start after watching the You Can Heal Your Life, the movie, expanded version, from Louise Hay. I want to share the lessons […]

Finding Blessings on a Bad Day

The last 2 weeks have been stressful, with my internet service down on several days and my computer in the shop for 9 days. I also had the edits for both my new books given to me on the same […]

Developing a Nonverbal Advantage

DoorMats make a bad impression when their insecurity shows, which is often all the time! It was obvious that I had no confidence when I lived in DoorMatville. Yet first impressions can opens doors fast or close them right up. […]

Law of Attraction in Action: Concrete Use of This Power

This is the first in a series on using the Law of Attraction. There’s been a lot of hype about it lately. When Oprah did some shows when the book and DVD, The Secret, came out, it sold like crazy. […]

We All Stink Sometimes

There are lots of unrealistic expectations that MANY women, and some men, try to live up to. We push ourselves to lose weight to fit the unrealistic body image that the media portrays as normal. We strive for perfection at […]

Staying in the Present at Work

I’ve been writing about how to live more in the NOW and not let past issues influence your present mood, decisions and view of your life in general. We often carry old baggage into work. If you develop workplace relationships […]

Remember the Good, Part 3

In the first post on this topic, I talked about why it’s so important to focus on the good you have NOW instead of recalling negatives from the past. In Part 2, I explained how the past can manifest limitations […]

Is Dating Men for their Money Prostitution?

I caught a segment of the Morning show with Mike and Juliet today on women who only date men with a LOT of money and the men who are fine with it. They actually referred to the Sugar Daddies Club, […]

Remember the Good, Part 2

I heard from many readers when I posted Remember the Good recently. It made me think more about how easy it is to take the past into the present with us. It’s a lot harder to leave it where it […]

Remember the Good!

I recently saw someone I hadn’t seen in ages, who I’ll call Sue. We went through the usual pleasantries of “How are you doing?” She said she had a better job and had lost a little weight. I said I […]

Carnival of Healing #146

Welcome to the Carnival of Healing #146! I’m absolutely delighted to be hosting again. The Carnival is a weekly round-up of personal blog posts on the topics of holistic health, wellness, spirituality, and self-empowerment. It’s coordinated by’s Guide to […]

Girls SHOULD Wanna Have Fun

I was running in Central park the other morning and saw a large group of kids. They were out with a teacher in a summer program. As I ran by, I noticed something I’ve seen many times. The boys were […]

What is Patriotism?

I saw a poll on one of the morning shows today. They did a survey asking what people consider patriotism. My answer didn’t even make the long list that included voting, wearing a flag pin, and other things that I […]

(Living in Parentheses)

Today I have a very special post—2 short essays written by Rose Rappaport, a woman who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on June 5, 2005. During her illness, she took a writing class and wrote a series of essays about […]

Is the Economy Making You Fat?

I just read an article in Ad Age entitled, Does This Economy Make My Butt Look Big? It talks about how many of the various weight loss programs are suffering as people have less money to spend. I imagine that […]

Can I Get…?

I went out for lunch today to a diner. A guy came in, also by himself. He knew what he wanted. But, instead of just saying what it was, he asked, “May I have eggs, over easy?” I’ve heard this […]

Interview with Yehuda Berg

I’m delighted to share an interview with Yehuda Berg, author of The Spiritual Rules of Engagement (Kabbalah Publishing, 2008) and a noted kabbalistic scholar and co-director of The Kabbalah Centre International. He’s also the author of many books, including the […]

When Obligations Are Plain Old Dumb!

A guy recently told me he’s miserable because his ex-wife and her kid are living with him until she can afford to move out. She wanted the divorce, moved on and dates other men. Yet he feels an obligation to […]

Nasty Bosses

I was at a diner I like recently and asked my usual waitress if she felt better, since the last time I was there, they said she went home sick. She whispered to me that she’d has a run-in with […]

Why Thin Celebrities Get Grouchy

We watch them on TV, one gorgeous celebrity after another, walking down the red carpet looking perfect. Tight bodies. Wearing form fitting dresses without a drop of the cellulite that plagues the rest of us. Perfection in motion. One perfect […]

A New Way to Spell Love

Lately I’ve seen a saying about love that I truly relate to. I don’t know who originally said it. Versions of it have been attributed to several people. I just know that it’s true. The way to spell love is […]

Interview with Ingrid Michaelson

Ingrid Michaelson is a signer/songwriter from Staten Island. She released her Girls and Boys album in 2005, with a college radio campaign and a few festivals, which created a small buzz. Not able to quit her day job at that […]

Are You Into F & M??

I’m an admitted work-a-holic. It’s easy. Since I love writing, work feels stimulating and joyous. I also consider myself a play-a-holic at times too. I do need to have fun away from my computer! But in March, I agreed to […]

Get Bouncing Everyone!

Have you ever had one of those days, or months, or years, when you felt like life’s situations were locking a ball and chain around you, holding you stuck in a negative situation or keeping you trapped in a depressed […]

Saying “No” Without Saying “No”

In my last post, I discussed why saying “no” is important. We’re often afraid that if we turn people down when they ask for something, they won’t like us. Since saying the actual word “no” can feel uncomfortable, but there […]

You Can Say NO!

Last night I was at an event. The speaker asked people in the audience to share something special they’d done this year. One woman said she began to say “no” to people. Everyone applauded this feat. Women are known for […]

Wellness, Optimal Health and Self–Care

Today I’m delighted to have Yolanda G. Smith, RN, MSN – Holistic Self-Care: Just For Me, Inc. as my guest. She’s a Holistic Nurse Educator Specializing in Self–Care, Wellness, and Healthy Lifestyles in Brooklyn, New York. Striving for a life […]

Guilt Free Ice Cream Pig Out

I talked to a woman yesterday as I waited on line in the bank. She seemed agitated and told me the pizza she’d had for lunch was haunting her. Indigestion? I asked. Nope. Guilt was ruining her day and the […]

I Wanna Be a Super Delegate!

I don’t normally get political in this blog. It’s for self-empowerment, not politics. But, right now, I feel less empowered as a U.S. citizen who wants her vote to count equally and don’t see an answer. I voted in my […]

The Who of You

Lately Maria Shriver has been on talk shows, promoting her latest book, Just Who Will You Be? She discussed a perspective that’s been mine for years—focusing on WHO, not WHAT you are—and raised my consciousness about how the way we […]

Interview with Patrice Tanaka (CRT/tanaka)

As I continue with interviews for my Embracing SUCCESS series, I’m delighted to have one with Patrice Tanaka , Co-chair and Chief Creative Officer of CRT/tanaka. Patrice is one of those inspirational people that brings sunshine to all she encounters. […]

Becoming Decisive

Do you hesitate to make decisions? It’s a common problem. Concern about the results of making a choice can drive even the best of us hesitate to commit to something. Yet in order to reach the SUCCESS you’d like, it’s […]

Daniel Glass, founder, Glassnote Entertainment

I’m delighted with the interview I have today for my continuing Embracing SUCCESS series. Daniel Glass has had, and still has, an illustrious career in the music industry. As a music journalist, I’ve been in awe of his ability to […]

Is Revenge SUCCESS?

I hear people proudly talk about the revenge they’re getting on someone. Is achieving it something to be considered SUCCESS? Going after revenge is usually destructive. The behavior that revenge motivates is unhealthy. You might feel successful at hurting someone. […]

Why Building Relationships Beats Sales Training

Building good relationships is at the core of most SUCCESS. Whether it’s a romantic partner, friend, or colleague, relationships can be a source of support, contacts, warmth and much more. Business relationships are key for making progress and achieving career […]

CHOOSE Your Perception

Life isn’t in black and white. You choose how to color what you see and do. Your life is as colorful as YOU allow it to be. Just like a child brings a coloring book page to life with crayons, […]

I Was Sick, Tired and Ran!

About 10 days ago, my allergies began to kick in. My nose and eyes were itchy and watery. Then I spent 2 days having a reunion for a group of people I went to elementary school with so there was […]

Embracing SUCCESS series

I was delighted that SUCCESS magazine re-launched with the March issue, which was packed with articles on many people who’ve achieved success that motivate and stimulate new ideas. I love this magazine! Everything is about SUCCESS. Reading it is a […]

Shame on NYC–Building Crash Outside My Window

For 8 years I’ve been tortured by construction going on outside my window. One building after another on East 51st, which my apartment faces, has been knocked down and built up since 2000. Drilling, clanking, banging and trucks beeping is […]

Develop Bigger Cojones & Say YES” to More

Last night I was at a panel put on by the American Society of Journalists and Authors, which I’m a member of. Five editors of top magazines spoke about how to pitch them articles. There was a reception before the […]

Position Yourself for Self- Empowerment by Dyan Garris

I write a lot about the Law of Attraction in a variety of situations. It really is the biggest power tool for getting what we choose to have. Yet so many people complain that they try to think happy thoughts […]

The Arrogance of Some Powerful Men

Today I heard the disturbing news that my governor was caught hiring a prostitute. The full story hasn’t come out yet, but reports say he hired a woman through a prostitution service in NY to take a train down to […]

Guilt & the Law of Attraction

I’ve been writing about guilt and how it hurts our lives. It gives other people power over your life and happiness. Often your choice to assuming guilt is a lose/lose situation. You lose if you give in to what the […]

Lightening Guilt—Part 2

On Friday I posted a response to a reader who asked for help with managing her guilt. She’s feeling guilty about the fallout from her divorce. Yet her husband drank heavily and refused to give up his contact with a […]

Lightening Guilt—Part 1

A reader wrote to ask me about guilt. She told me the story of how when her husband began to drink too much, she lost her desire for sex. He continued drinking heavily and she withdrew more. Then she discovered […]

I Promise Not to Eat It All!

I went to my local diner for breakfast and next to me was a solo chick. She ordered an omelet. The waiter asked if she wanted home or French fries. She chose home fries, then added, with a guilty look […]

Constructive Internet Networking

I’ve always advocated networking as a way to meet people who can be beneficial in your career and lots more. In my music business books, I emphasize how even without tons of money people can develop a career if they […]

Carnival of Healing #125

Welcome to the Carnival of Healing #125! I’m absolutely delighted to be hosting again. The Carnival is a weekly round-up of personal blog posts on the topics of holistic health, wellness, spirituality, and self-empowerment. It’s coordinated by’s Guide to […]

10 Things I LOVE About Me!

I confess. I’m currently not in love with a guy right now and feel no shame or disappointment. I’ve dated a few guys lately but nothing special. It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m okay. Actually, I’m better than okay. Falling in […]

A Rose for Me!

Tomorrow is the day that creates stress for many folks–Valentine’s Day. We see men walking down the street carrying the often-obligatory flowers. Every year after 5 when work lets out, drug stores in NYC are full of men lining up […]

Having a Love Affair with Yourself

Do you love yourself? A large majority of people don’t! They may love some of their attributes—the body they worked hard to develop in the gym, success at work, finding someone who’s considered a “catch” to marry, etc. Most self-empowerment […]

Growing Into Your Dreams

Today I had lunch with Todd, from We the Change. I’ve become friendly with many bloggers but this is the first time I’ve met one in person, since we both live in NYC. We talked about how important it is […]

The Hurtful Side of Love

Love is warm, fuzzy, gooshy, yummy. Next week I’ll discuss that kind in honor of Valentine’s Day. But today I want you to think the other kind of emotion that masquerades as love: * The kind that sweeps you off […]

Multitasking More Efficiently

On Friday I talked about how multitasking can be a curse. Killing 2 or more options with one stone has become the standard. I try to distinguish between juggling many tasks that are ongoing and multitasking. To me, the latter […]

Multitasking Can Bite You

Multitasking has become a way of life for many of us. Women work, care for kids, do household chores, AND, try to keep up with all the communication going on with email, cell calls, etc. Men, who are known for […]

Do You Have a Toxic Friend Like Lindsay or Britney?

Britney Spear’s friends go in TV talk shows to discuss her private business. On New Year’s Eve we saw pics of Lindsay Lohan being passed a bottle by people knowing she was in recovery from alcohol. It’s said to have […]

Live for YOU, Not a Romantic Partner

Last week a reader asked a question in her comment. She and her boyfriend just finished school and are looking for jobs. They’re both twenty-five. He’s gone back home till summer. Her dilemma—move to his small town under uncomfortable circumstance […]

Getting Good Cable Service

I always put the TV on after I wake up. I like to catch the news and the morning shows help perk me up. This morning I was doing some stretching exercises and almost hurt myself when I was jolted […]

I Insist You Understand!

I got a large response for my post that addressed how compassion can help you temper the buckets of anger we often have when someone does us wrong. It’s a great anger-buster! But developing it also manifests many more blessings. […]

What’s the Worst that Can Happen? No, Really, the Worst!

I have a terrific guest blogger today—Laura Vanderkam, a New York-based writer and author of Grindhopping: Build a Rewarding Career without Paying Your Dues (McGraw-Hill, 2007) Grindhopping details alternatives routes if you don’t want to stay in a job you […]

I Spent a WHOLE Weekend WITHOUT My Laptop

I never thought it would happen. I check email several times a day, 7 days a week. I also write for at least some portion of every day because I love to write. My laptop goes everywhere with me. It’s […]

Let’s Be Happily Naked! Part Trois

Watching How to Look Good Naked got my brain humming more than usual. It’s so easy to tell someone to lighten up on their body issues. But it’s an uphill battle against all of the factors that reinforce feeling like […]

Let’s Be Happily Naked! Part Deux

Many folks are obsessed with weight—their own and other people’s. I do believe that the ones—who point out extra pounds, or who are out and out critical, or who always notice if you’re body looks good or you’ve gained an […]

Let’s Be Happily Naked! Part Un

Three cheers for the TV show, How to Look Good Naked with Carson Kressley on the Lifetime Network! Carson is illustrating what I’ve been saying in my books for years—whe you change your self-perception, you can become more beautiful and […]

One Man’s Miracle

Happy New Year to you all! I entered 2008 feeling positive and expecting GREAT things that I KNOW I will get! For my first post of 2008, I have a guest. David M. Bailey is no ordinary one. I got […]

New Year’s Eve Blessings

I’m still immersed in my last minute New Year’s cleaning. But I’m also excited for tonight. I love to start the new year well and I will have a special entrance into 2008. Confession: I’ll be home solo tonight! Confession: […]

Carnival of Healing #118

Welcome to the Carnival of Healing #118I’m absolutely delighted to be hosting the last for 2007. The Carnival is a weekly round-up of personal blog posts on the topics of holistic health, wellness, spirituality, and self-empowerment. It’s coordinated by’s […]

Why New Year Resolutions Can Hurt You

New Year’s eve is a time that many of us make resolutions—often grand ones. I used to do it too. It feels SOOOOOOOO good to make them. Oh yes, THIS is the year of change for the better. Some extra […]

Manhattan is Da Bomb around Christmas

I’ve spent Christmas in Florida and California. I see it in other places on TV. But nothing—literally NOTHING—can compare to my city at holiday time. When friends from out of town visit during this time of year, I love to […]

Dancing Through the Holiday Season

I was recently interviewed for First Wives World by its founder, Debbie Nigro. The topic was 5 Ways to Stay Positive During the Holidays. My first suggestion? Why worry about staying positive when the holidays are fun!?! So, dance through […]

Clean Your Way to an Abundant New Year!

Cleaning is my favorite tool because it’s do-able! Eliminating clutter gives you more room for new stuff. Cleaning is an easy, therapeutic way to improve life. I used to be a terrible clutter-holic. When I didn’t respect myself, I didn’t […]

Attracting Money With a “Where” Instead of IF

I’m a freelancer. No salary or benefits. According to people who see how I live, no security. But, I feel very secure because my spiritual mindset is strong. The Law of Attractions supports my thoughts and brings me whatever I […]

You Are What You Eat

Carol Ekarius is a freelance writer who lives in the mountains of Colorado with her husband, Ken. They live off the grid, raise animals, and have a large, organic garden. Carol has become an advocate for spreading awarenes about how […]

Jennifer Love Hewitt CHOOSES to NOT Be Fat!

You may have heard that Jennifer Love Hewitt was vacationing with her boyfriend and the paparazzi nailed her in a swimsuit. It was all over the news, much like the pics of Tyra Banks in a swimsuit a while back. […]

Creating Better Habits Challenge

I consider most of what keeps us from being as self-empowered as possible—bad habits. Many develop while growing up but can happen any time you do something over and over until it becomes automatic. When I decided to stop being […]

“I’m Not an Idiot, I’m Silly.”

Many self-help books and speakers encourage becoming your own best friend. It sounds good but it’s harder to implement. When I was a DoorMat, I kissed up to everyone but couldn’t figure out how to be a friend to me. […]

Letter To Britney Spears

I’ve written about Brit before. One keeps hearing about how low she keeps sinking. People reach out to her. And now, her dirty family laundry is being aired, giving obvious clues about why Brit keeps taking the low road. So […]

Is John Fitzgerald Page The Worst Person In The World?

According to Gawker, John Fitzgerald Page is the worst person in the world. Why? Because he wrote some mean, arrogant things to a woman who winked at him on His email response extolled how wonderful he is and sounded […]

I Pigged Out and It’s FINE!

I’ve been taking control of my body and lowering my cholesterol without meds. I do my best to eat healthy. But, when I spent a few days at my sister’s home in the Berkshire Mountains, I ate whatever I wanted. […]

Happy Turkey Day!

I’ll be away for the long weekend and won’t be posting again till next week. I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving, and the hope that you’ll find LOTS of things to be thankful for! Why I’m Grateful (just […]

Can You Really Live by the Grace of Passion?

Can You Really Live by the Grace of Passion? Absolutely YES! I read a post last week at Tom Volkar’s blog, Delightful Work, called Work as Play? It opened with the question, “Have you yet found work that is so […]

Is Fat Contagious??

Last night on Boston Legal (one of my favorite shows!), Denny Crane got sued by a lawyer who he fired for being fat. Every time he nonchalantly referred to her as FAT, I cringed. This sweet but pudgy character didn’t […]

Health Empowerment—Beating My High Cholesterol and Thyroid

For the first time I can remember, I’m excited that my doctor found a problem. Normally I want a clean bill of health. But, in this case, I knew something was wrong and wanted it treated. So I’m happy that […]

Being the CEO of Your Personal Corporation

I got a nice response to Monday’s post about monitoring your thoughts to make life more positive. I want to expand on that subject, to give you more consciousness about how to change your thoughts in ways that benefit you. […]

Interview with Louise L. Hay

On Monday I talked about how you can turn your life around by just changing a thought. I learned this from Louise L. Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life. This book was my catalyst for reinventing me into the […]

“You’re Cute” is NOT Sexual Harassment!

On The View this past Friday, Whoopi led the ladies in a discussion about a woman who was suing for sexual harassment after being told she looked cute. The alleged harasser didn’t touch this woman or make a sexual advance. […]

Turning a Negative to Positive with Just a Thought

Chris at tagged me to participate in the Think Different Challenge created by Peter from I Will Change Your This is all about finding something in your life you currently have negative thoughts or feelings toward and deciding […]

Am I a Cougar or a Kitten?

The cat name I can claim depends on the guy I date. If he’s younger than me, I’m a cougar, according to the latest pop culture labels. And if he’s older, I’m a kitten. A woman becomes different versions of […]

Being Ruthless Eventually Gets You Screwed

You may not have succeeded in everything you want yet. There might not be a romantic partner in your life. Money might be a little tight. But as long as you have integrity, consider yourself a success! Many people get […]

Giving Permission with Silence

Since this week I’ve been encouraging you to be true to what you really want, I’ll end the week with this thought. People continue to do what they get away with. If you don’t tell them that something is unacceptable, […]

More on Expressing What You Want

I seemed to strike a nerve with my post on Tuesday about separating your thoughts from what you think others want, or what you’ve been in the habit of agreeing to. DoorMats are especially vulnerable to being acquiescent in a […]

Pamper, Please

Self-empowerment is a body, mind and spirit mission—a total and comprehensive effort to take control of all aspects of your life that influence your decisions and your happiness. I consider taking control of your body a very important endeavor! When […]

Interview with Daylle

Today Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell posted an interview with me on her blog, K.C.’s Write For You. This blog is about the freelance writing life life, which I’m part of. If you’d like to know a little more about me in relation […]

What Do You Really Want?

I was just talking to a music producer who said that when a new client comes in, the first thing he asks is “What exactly do you want?” Musicians are often surprised that he asks, and even more surprise when […]

Scary Bachelor Used Kisses

I just caught the end of The Bachelor. Had to. It’s comedy on the one hand. But it sends a very sad message on the other. They all hoped to kiss this bigger than life man. Each woman lunged for […]

Shake Your Head & Then Get Your Butt Movin’

In my last post, Chris Melton talked about how your must walk the walk of your dreams by taking action. It’s easy to dream and hard to enact them. Are you one of those dreamers? I had many back when […]

Use Your Passion To Reach Your Potential

This week Chris Melton is my guest blogger. He’s an entrepreneur who markets The Rotator, a devise that rotates the shoulder to increase its range of motion. He’s also the author of, a blog dedicated to inspiration and motivation.Use […]

Double Standard Alert: Half Naked Guys Fine! Bikini Topped Girls Banned

I’m getting very tired of seeing double standards against females sanctioned. Guys are still the princes of society in many circles and get away with so much more! Females are held to much higher standards in many situations. This was […]

Down with The Bachelor–You Can’t Win Love on TV!

Last night I flipped on The Bachelor for a peek and was horrified. This show is so degrading to women!! Considering how we’re supposed to be getting more empowered, this show is going backwards! I know much of it is […]

7 Random Things You May Not Know About Me

I’ve been tagged by Lorraine Cohen at Powerfull Living to participate in the meme asking to share 7 random things about myself and then tag other blogs. Hmmmm…. Here goes! 1. When I went to Alaska last summer, I had […]

Desiderata Project

Bob at the every every minute blog came up with an interesting project this month. Throughout the month of October, he has guest posts from a variety of bloggers offering his or her personal interpretations and reflections of a few […]

Reach for the Sky

I’ve been laughed at since leaving DoorMatville. People can’t believe some of my ambitions or the dreams that I say I intend to make real. They couldn’t imagine how I might think about getting the things I went after. Yet […]

Debunking the Wish Fairy Myth!

Many of my clients wistfully say a version of, “I just wish [THIS] would happen or work out.” Or “If only someone would help me.” I’ve got news for you boys and girls! These thoughts will just keep you in […]

Toot Your Own Horn!

I’m delighted to have Lorraine Cohen, President of Powerfull Living as a guest blogger today. So many of us, especially recovering DoorMats, have a hard time owning our accomplishments. Lorraine has kindly allowed me to post this article that appeared […]

Saturday Night Solo Isn’t Death!

I was walking down Second Avenue early Saturday evening. In front of me was a couple. The guy had a loud voice. As a writer about life, I pay attention to small stuff going on around me. As he passed […]

I’m a Beauty Product Whore & Proud of It!

Guys who enter my bathroom often make sarcastic comments about how many bottles of creams and lotions and other stuff I have. They’re clueless about why or what any of it is for. They tease and ask why I need […]

Personal Development List

There’s a huge list of personal development blogs being circulated and I’m honored to be part of it. This list was created by Priscilla Palmer. She has a wonderful blog with all sorts of great suggestions. I advise you check […]

Break the Binge Habit

I’m delighted to have Rena Greenberg as a guest blogger. Rena is President of Wellness Seminars, Inc. and the author of several books about diet and weight loss (more at the end of the article). I believe that part of […]

Don’t Reduce Your Price!

Stores have markdown sales in order to move inventory or get rid of products that aren’t selling. It’s good business sense to do it at appropriate times. But the practice is self-defeating if you reduce your own value. Whether it’s […]

Is Britney a Rotten Mom?

Britney, Britney, Britney! Your world is falling apart around you and you don’t have resources to stop it. Yes, you have plenty of money. And know lots of people. But your head is shot from trying to deal with stuff […]

Happy Birthday to Me!

I love birthdays! Today I’m taking full advantage of what I think of as birthday privileges—feeling like a kid, treating myself to things I’d normally avoid eating, taking it easier, allowing myself time on the phone during my work hours […]

The Age Myth

I’ll continue my Aging with Joy week with a guest blogger—Karen Lynch, who writes a blog called Live the Power. Karen recently had a birthday and I loved what she wrote about feeling good about getting older. I’m delighted to […]

Aging with Joy!

Wednesday is my birthday. I’ve been asked if that bothers me. Bothers me!? Heck no! The only thing that bothers me is that some folks consider having a birthday is a source of stress. But I know it is for […]

Take No Prisoners!

Have you felt envy toward someone? Come on, admit it! We all sometimes yearn to have what someone else does. Did you wonder why he has so much luck? Or wish she’d fall on her face since it isn’t fair […]

The Power of NO

I’m delighted to have a special guest today–Susan Newman, Ph.D., author of The Book of NO: 250 Ways to Say It—and Mean It and Stop People-Pleasing Forever (McGraw-Hill, 2006) Saying NO is something many people have a problem with. This […]

Celebrity Envy

All the entertainment TV shows, tabloids, blogs, etc. show that people are interested in celebrities. Many live vicariously through what they see as charmed lives or seek to emulate their style and behavior. Growing up, I read teen magazines, had […]

I Blew Off Fashion Rocks Concert!

It was empowering to walk away from the Fashion Rocks concert. There were many celebrities there. Okay, I confess, I wasn’t going as a guest. A few weeks ago I was asked if I’d like to be a seat filler—someone […]

Carrie Bradshaw Finally Got it Right!

Like many people, I watched Sex and the City and related to the Carrie Bradshaw character. She waffled between self-empowered and struggles with men. Her obsession with Big showed her vulnerability. That’s why I was so delighted with her last […]

Making Your Mistakes Count

Letting mistakes bring you down is a big happiness buster. When you make them a motivation to go forward, they bring more satisfaction to your world instead of making you feel like a loser for not doing things perfectly. Cut […]

Britney Spears Shows Fame Can’t Buy Self-Respect

Britney has looks, tons of money, enough talent by her fans standards to make more money, and two healthy kids. Seems like she has most of what she said she wanted. But she can’t buy respect, from others or from […]

Recovering from DoorMat Syndrome

I’m a recovering DoorMat. For years I let people walk all over me and take advantage of my People Pleasing nature. Those who know me today can’t believe that my self-esteem was in the toilet for many years. Now I’m […]

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