Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

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Have you ever looked for something like your keys or phone and can’t find it. Then you wonder where you could have put it then get scared because you can’t find it? Or you were sure you brought the receipt for an item you want to return to the store with you and can’t find it? Or any number of other similar scenarios.

It’s common to panic when you’re looking for what you need and can’t find it, especially if it’s important. It can create fear, or even panic, which lead to thoughts that are counter-productive to finding them, such as:

* “I must have lost my wallet so I’m in trouble.”
“If I left the receipt home it will be too late to return the product since I can’t come back to this store again in time.”
“I can’t find my keys and now I’ll be late for my meeting.”
“I’m in trouble because I don’t know where I put the report I worked so hard on.”

And many more things that tells the Universe that you don’t expect to find what you’re looking for! This can lead to beating yourself up: “I’m such an idiot for not remembering where I put my keys.” Or “Why was I too stupid to bring the receipt with me?” That increases your negative state of mind to make sure you won’t find what you’re looking for. Been there done that!

I used to jump to negative conclusions, assuming whatever it was had disappeared and I was screwed. Thankfully I eventually recognized that I attracted not being able to find he stuff. So I began to use a combo of logic and spiritually. The next time I couldn’t find my keys I reminded myself that they had to be in my apartment and then I affirmed, “I have them.” As I searched I continued to affirm, “I have them.” Within minutes I found my keys. When I couldn’t find the voucher I needed to get into an activity after traveling to get there, I again affirmed, “I have it” as I searched my bag.

Instead of beating myself up, I told myself that I was smart enough to remember to take it and as I affirmed, “I have it,” over and over. Shortly after I remembered that I’d put it in my change purse and found it. I do this all the time now. Recently I couldn’t find my phone. I initially panicked, thinking that I might have lost it the night before when I was out. I had to leave and needed the phone as I was meting someone and had to call when I got close. The worst part was the person’s number was in my phone and I couldn’t remember where else I had it.

So I decided I had to find my phone. I kept affirming, “I have it,” as I searched through my backpack. I’d searched it earlier when I was scared I lost it. That told the Universe I didn’t have faith that I’d find it. Once I began my affirmations I became determined to find it. Saying “I have it” or something similar makes you feel more positive about getting the results you want. Not long after, I found my phone in a section of my backpack that I’d searched several time. It had fallen into a section where I had a small magazine and somehow got between the pages. But once I knew I had it, I found it there.

The next time you misplace something, don’t panic, instead, affirm, “I have it.” Then use logic to figure out where it could be. Making negative statements about it will almost guarantee not finding it, or at lest taking way too long. Telling the Universe that you have it attracts support for having and finding it.

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