Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

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I admit that I’m not comfortable with new technology. I get nervous trying something new on my computer. The trouble is, the more nervous you get, the more you attract problems. Sometimes the more I get panicky about doing something I need to get done online, the more things seem to go wrong. Once I needed to get something important printed up fast and my printer jammed. As I frantically tried to pull out the messed up paper and figure out how to I it, the paper ripped and wouldn’t all come out.

Fortunately, I took  break , affirmed that I’d get my printer working and did some Tapping/EFT to clear my fear of messing up more. I explain why to you should use this powerful tool in my post called Use EFT/Tapping to Clear Resistance. Doing Tapping calmed me down and cleared my resistance to things going well. As I expressed my fear of technology, I let go of it. Soon after I unjammed my printer and all was well again.

If you have any fears tied to your computer, phone, iPad, etc., let go of them unless you want to attract more reasons to be scared and create more problems for yourself. If you want things top go well as you do technical things, let go of your fearful expectations of you messing up. If you’re like me and new technology makes you nervous, try tapping along  with Brad Yates  in the video below. Brad is a genius at tapping for things in ways that are relatable. He has videos for almost anything you might want to clear blocks for.

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See all the posts in my Law of Attraction in my Action Series HERE.

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