Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

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When you’re going through a problem it’s easy to get worked up in a negative direction. Your mind can begin to conjure up some “what ifs?” that could make it worse. For example, Lila’s computer began to crash often and make funny noises. She was working on an important work project. Her mind began to imagine a worst-case scenario path.

•    I’ll probably need a new computer.
•    My project will be lost. I’ll have to start all over again.
•    I won’t get it done on time.
•    My boss will fire me for it.

When she said all of this to me she was attracting these fears into her reality. Her project wasn’t getting done because the computer made errors. Her boss was threatening her.  When she calmed down I suggested she do positive affirmations about it all working out. Once she did I helped her get off that worst-case scenario path. She backed up her project and hired a good tech person who found a small problem in her computer. He fixed it fast and Lily was able to finish up her project. When she told her boss why she was delayed, he understood and cut her slack.

Getting worked up over assuming the worst outcomes from something that goes wrong can attract what you worry about. Your emotions that comeas you get worked up create the vibration to attract them. If you find yourself in that position, take a few deep breaths and say some positive affirmations like:

•    Everything will work out fine.
•    This too shall pass.
•    I trust that a good outcome is coming.

Drown out the negative concerns with them. Then find a rational solution, like Lily did with her computer. Just because your car is making a funny noise and stalling , it doesn’t mean you’ll have to drain your bank account to buy a new car. A good mechanic can fix it.Just because you lost a client doesn’t mea you  may not have a job soon. If you do a good job normally, that should keep you employed. Panicking attracts the things you’re scared of. Stay away from thoughts of the worst that can happen. Do what you can to get onto a positive path of knowing that everything will work out fine so you can attract a good solution.

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