Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

listAs you try to build self-love, you can forget how terrific you are. You are terrific! It can be helpful to carry a list of some of your assets around with you in your wallet, like you carry pictures of loved ones.

Take a piece of paper. At the top write, “What makes me special” Then list three or four of your good qualities, like I did in the example. Think about what you or others like about you. Write them down. Put a star next to your favorites. Red them out loud and put it in your wallet.

Take the paper out and read it whenever you need a boost of confidence. Add qualities as you notice other things or people point some thing out. Keep reminding yourself that you are special, because you are! You’re a unique human being. No onelse is like you. As your self-love grows you’ll have more qualities to acknowledge.

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