Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

Jenn LondonBeautiful Sorrow  is a true-life story memoir written by Jenn London, a talented singer/songwriter and a self-love ambassaador for The Self-Love Movement™. She’s overcome a multitude of sorrowful parts of her life, from  childhood obesity to immense family tragedy. Her optimism, determination and drive helped her go on to pursue a career in music and active involvement in animal welfare.

In Beautiful Sorrow, Jenn shares the pain she endured on her inspiring journey to find peace and happiness yet her story has a humorous edge.  I interviewed Jenn  so she could shsre her story and how she got through it.
Here’s what she had to say.

What is Beautiful Sorrow? Too me, it means finding the beauty in every situation even when it’s hard to see sometimes. I’ve had my share of struggles and Beautiful Sorrow, the memoir, follows my story from childhood obesity and the loss of my parents and brother to pursuing my dreams of being a musician and creating a life of peace and happiness. As I say in the book “there is a happy ending if you create it”.Jen's CoverPR

How does self-love make a difference for you? I don’t think I could have overcome all my obstacles if I didn’t feel self-love within the core of my being. I always firmly believed that I was a good person and worthy of more.

What would you advise someone who feels hopelessly buried in problems? What I say in my book is that everyone has their own unique talents of getting them through the hard times. For me it was music. For someone else, maybe it’s cooking or taking a walk. Whatever calms and clarifies the mind. I also FULLY believe in retail therapy (if you can afford it). It’s about treating yourself well and tapping into what makes you special. I also have mantras that helped me such as “everything I’m going to be is because I’m going to create it and make it happen”. The other one I liked, which is now the title to my next album is “It’s never too late”.

What can someone learn from your book?  I have a chapter on charity and animal rights issues. I suppose my other major belief in fighting depression is that you have to be a part of something bigger than yourself. It really helps to feel needed and to make a difference in people and animals who are hurting. My brother committed suicide and while I’m glad he’s no longer suffering, I often think about what a waste it was and how much he could have helped others. He was a loving person, he just didn’t love himself.

What did you learn from writing your book?  Aside from the teasing I underwent as a kid from being overweight, I also suffered physical abuse from my brother. He was sexually abused when he was little and I think he was angry and took it out on me with frequent beatings. I never thought of myself as a victim of abuse until I wrote this book. Then through the process of writing and analyzing,  I also linked that to my actions of self-abuse which was overeating. I had never made that connection before.

How did you view yourself when you were a child? How do you view yourself today? As a child, while I was never popular with boys, I still had a lot of friends and was very outgoing. I also knew I had a strong singing voice so I think that helped with self-esteem. But in college, I definitely got physical with men when I was really craving love so I suppose, I didn’t truly believe I deserved it. Now, as an adult, I am much more vocal about what I want and what I expect from my relationships. It’s about self-worth. The other interesting thing is that I think losing so much weight so early on really set me up to believe that nothing is impossible with hard work. Hence me pursuing one of the most difficult professions on the planet! (MUSIC!)

Why did you incorporate music into your book project? For me, it was a natural extension. I’ve been writing poetry and songs ever since I was a kid. I included both. The songs show my journey from post college up to now, lyrically and sonically. The earlier songs were darker and the later ones focus more on inspirational ideas like pursuing your dreams. I also, for many years, had a tough time finding the right producer and being happy with my production but the last couple of songs on the CD illustrate that I kept at it and show how far I’ve come. I am now very happy with my new material which I co-produced with musician/producer, and now friend, Ari Ingber.

Any last thoughts? Loving yourself gives you strength and most people, in my opinion, are stronger than they think they are. You just have to believe that things will get better even if you don’t exactly know how to make that happen yet. IT WILL HAPPEN IF YOU KEEP BELIEVING AND KEEP TRYING!

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