Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

teapotYears ago I did a driving trip in Canada solo and stayed mainly in Bed & Breakfasts. A special part of my day was coming home after hiking and other outdoor activities, relaxing in the parlor and being offered a pot of tea by the host. I loved pouring myself a cup of piping hot tea from a pretty teapot, as little or as much as I wanted each time. It felt so luxurious to me.

When I returned home I smiled whenever I thought about my teatime. Then it hit me. I could have it at home! So, as an act of self-love I made it my mission to find the perfect teapot. It wasn’t easy. A small teapot isn’t a high demand item so not every store carried them. I found some in a store but they didn’t excite me. the ones at the B &Bs had an old-fashioned look. That was what I wanted. And I preferred it to have blue in it.

I refused to settle for just any teapot. I was determined to get one that made me feel good. When I’d see one that was just OK, I’d remind myself that I deserved a teapot that felt right to me. I kept affirming that I loved me enough to not settle and that I’d find the “one.” Sometimes it felt like I never would but I continued to not settle.

One day a friend took me to a thrift shop to check out some jewelry. As I walked up the last aisle I glanced up at a shelf. There it was—the teapot I’d been waiting for! I grabbed it and pratically ran to pay for it. When I got home I washed it out and put up the kettle. I got into something cozy and poured  a cup of tea. It brought me back to my lovely vacation in Canada. As I sipped my tea, self-love welled up inside me. I was so happy that I hadn’t settled. I deserved this teapot that still puts a smile on my face each time I use it. I reminds me that I’m worthy of getting good stuff.

Settling can seem like the easy way to get something you desire. But it’s not better than nothing! Self-love can motivate you not to settle for a romantic partner, a job, a living space or a teapot.  Or anything else! Go for what you really want. Have the patience to wait until the right one comes along. My teapot represents my determination not to settle because I love me and know I desire the right one. Find your own special desire and do what you can to get the one you really want, no settling.

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way you want it. That’s so fulfilling and honors your needs. That’s a great way to say, “I love me!”

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