Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

joy We all have a limited amount of days, yet people tend to take them for granted. When today is over it’s gone forever. Every day is worth getting excited about by making it special. If you really want to enjoy your life, pay attention to how you feel about every today. Ask yourself, “How is my today?” If your answer isn’t positive:

•    Identify the blessings in your life and feel grateful for them.
•    Try to spend time with positive, upbeat people.
•    Ask yourself what would improve your day and try to make it happen.
•    Work on building self-love by treating yourself with kindness.

Remember that today is a whole day of your life. Make it yours! Don’t take this day of your existence for granted! Value it. Treat every day as a gift of life, that’s worth being happy about. Feeling passionate about each day attracts more joy to you life, as I talked about in my post, Law of Attraction in Action: Passion.

If you don’t like “today” or several todays in a row, think about how you can change it. Why waste the time you have? You don’t have to find every day super special but you should enjoy each one to some degree. Think about what you can do today that you’ve been putting off. Clean. Make the call. Do something that would make you happy to get done. Enjoy today as the precious piece of your life that it is.

I recommend keeping journal of your days. You can do it in your computer. Every night, write down the date and the good things in your day. Sometimes we take them or granted and writing them down helps stoke appreciation for the good in you life. When you pay attention, your life will seem much better or you can make changes to improve it.**************

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