Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

file000921466554 Some people drink alcohol or take medication to calm down. Those may temporarily give you relief from symptoms, but when the effect wear off you can feel worse than before. That’s what contributes to people becoming alcoholics or hooked on drugs or overeating. Substances and food can ease your pain and take you to a place where your problems don’t bother you so much. But many people find themselves with a bigger problem—not able to stop drinking or popping pills. And, the more you take, the more your resistance, so the more you need.

Being an alcoholic or hooked on an unhealthy habit WILL NOT bring happiness.

It just masks mental pain or a stressed lifestyle. I confess, I’ve NEVER been drunk. I do enjoy an occasional glass of wine with dinner, a beer or two when I’m watching live music, and other occasional drinks. But I’ve seen people get drunk and feel lousy the next day so I’ve never wanted to feel that way because I love myself too much. As for pills, I prefer a natural approach.

No matter where you live, find a little bit of nature to soothe your soul and help you find peace.

While I appreciate looking at great works of art in museums, the great work is all around us. I remember the best day of my life so far—spending an entire day driving through Glacier National Park in Montana. It was the most spectacular array of nature I’ve ever seen and it’s still in my heart. I felt like I was in an outdoor museum. When I think about being there, I feel peaceful. But I can also find soothing nature in Manhattan, by going to Central Park. I’m rarely up early enough to watch the sunrise but when I am, it’s like tonic for my soul sunsets can do that too!

Turn to nature if you feel down. When you can find peace in seeing the beauty of our world, it can become your natural medication.

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