Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

As someone who lives in NYC and watched the smoke on 9/11 rise south of my windows, I’m horrified and saddened by the senseless bombs that exploded during the Boston Marathon. My heart goes out to the people who were injured or killed, their families and friends, and everyone who has to live with the memories of the carnage they saw.

Many people are asking how this can happen. There are many people filled with rage who need to do something with it. But we can’t let it change us! We must all stick together against this kind of violence. We must continue to believe in good. We must keep our faith strong. We can’t let the terrorists and bad people change us and out lives. After 9/11 New Yorkers were determined to keep going. The smoke rose above the skyline for many days and I had to keep my blinds closed as I hated seeing it. Fighter planes and helicopters were overhead all day and night. But I kept going, kept living my life and kept up my spirit and faith.

It hurts. New York is on high alert, just in case. I had an appointment right after I heard the news today and went out, despite warnings. I trust that I’ll be safe, just as you must trust that you’ll be safe. I’m putting my energy into saying prayers for the injured and the people who must live with loss and trauma. Please join me in saying a prayer for the people of Boston, and those who were visiting for the marathon. I’m saying an extra special one for those who must recover from injuries, both physical and mental. Please take a minute and join me. And share your thoughts in the comments below.

May anyone affected today be blessed with healing and may those killed rest in peace.

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