Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

Fighting Evil with Good

bomberMany of us feel helpless after the tragedy at the Boston Marathon. Living in NYC there’s an extra feeling of vulnerability around me. When you’ve seen innocent people caught up in an unexpected bomb exploding, it can make you paranoid, wondering if it will happen to you next. NYC has a stronger police presence, which is a reminder that danger lurks.

And the question I hear often is “How can people have so much hate that they’d kill innocent people?”

There are no easy answers. People fight their own demons from childhood or life experiences. It’s often never known why someone does something evil. When things like the Boston Marathon tragedy happen, we can let it make us angry or scared or other negative emotions. Or we can overcome it with good intentions and actions. The news is full of stories of people who jumped into action right after the bombs went off and others who are still volunteering and doing what they can to help out. Focus on that good!

After 9/11, people flocked to NYC to help with the rescue efforts. People were kind to each other. Had I not put my own work aside and done volunteer work, it would have been much harder to get through the days right after. I saw the smoke from my apartment—a constant reminder of the awful loss of lives in my city. Doing work that helped the survivors made me feel good. The attitude of kindness among New Yorkers was gratifying. Many of us found it soothing in a way. Smiles were abundant. Everyone went out of their way to be good to each other. That helped us get through the trauma.

That good vibe is now spreading in Boston and beyond. While bad people are trying to take advantage of the good by setting up fake websites and Facebook pages to get donations for Boston that will just go into their pockets (be VERY careful about who you give money to!), people are coming together online too. You can LIKE and see some of the activities on the marathon’s Facebook page. And a good way to make a donation is to buy a t-shirt sold by Addidas that says, “Boston stands as one.” They’re $26.50 with shipping and every cent goes to people who were hurt by the bombs. And you can LIKE what i call  the Boston Marathon hope page. Many prayers there.

We will endure if we stay strong and keep the faith in good. Counter evil by doing what you can to make the world a better place. Help and support others. Be kind to people as a lifestyle. Let’s get back to loving our neighbors. Live your life fully! We can’t always stop people who do bad things but we can counter the evil by making an effort to to be a good person and spread kindness. And, keep your faith in better days strong.

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