Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

I love the term, “Knowledge is power” and often use it in my music business books when I encourage musicians to learn as much as they can about  how the industry works. But there’s a caveat. If you have lots of knowledge but don’t use it, it’s wasted, and certainly won’t help you. I’ve met many people who I think of as “professional seekers.” Some continue to get college degrees they don’t use because they go after the next degree.

Many women read one self-help book after another as they search for answers to make themselves happy. They take workshops and seek more knowledge. But they don’t implement what they learn, which is why there are so many books telling women how to empower themselves. Knowledge won’t help you if you’re not willing to help yourself. I learned that long ago. Knowledge is only as good as how you use it.

I’ve seen many people using knowledge as a crutch. They feel good that they’re making an effort to learn more. But often it’s a substitute for doing what they need to do to get ahead or take charge of their lives. Busy work! That’s what I did when I wanted to leave DoorMatville. I learned a variety of stuff but never really did anything. Learning gave me a sense of security in believing I was making progress. But I wasn’t. I was stalling on taking steps forward, using my efforts to learn more as an excuse not to do something.

Often the need to be perfect keeps you stuck in learning but not doing. You may justify waiting to take steps until you get better at what you want to do or learn even more so you can do it the best way possible. That need for perfection can keep you on a quest to learn more, while you never use the knowledge you accumulate.

Knowledge is power when you use it to fuel your life. But it doesn’t do you any good unless you use it. You might know what you should do but if it scares you to do it, you’ll keep looking to learn something that’s easier or that comes with a solid guarantee. USE your knowledge and let it take you in a positive direction. Don’t wait to learn more knowledge or for the right time. If you’re trying to learn how to do something better, it means it matters to you. And if it’s something you want, go after it! Then you can really own the power that knowledge brings.

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