Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

I always advocate keeping a positive attitude. It keeps you in a much better mood, and creates the alignment needed to manifest what you want. It feels more loving than wallowing in negative emotions. The Law of Attractions responds well to positive emotions. But life doesn’t always go your way and there are times that negativity can take over your mood. It can put the ‘’bah humbug” in how you view everything happening in your life.

I used to succumb easily to bad news or not feeling well or losing a job or nasty weather or any other circumstance I didn’t like. I’d feel down, sometimes depressed, and everything I said or did reflected my negative attitude. I’d let gloomy feelings take over my life and would sometimes sink into a dark hole of feeling lousy. As I began to love myself more I knew I had to stop letting a bad mood take over my spirit, even if I was unhappy with what was going on.

You can immerse yourself in thoughts about how lousy life is going or think about the good things you have or the positives that will come to you once you get through this time. Most circumstances eventually change. Patience is key to getting to the other side of negatives. So is a positive outlook. It can be hard but not as hard as trying to get out from under your negative emotions when they take over your spirit.

When you keep up your spirits despite being unhappy with life at the moment or being disappointed by something you looked forward to, life gets better faster. That’s the more loving course!

There will always be setbacks in life.  Some will be more serious than others but none will feel good. That’s just the way life is. But if you want to be happy and get ahead, figure out ways to deal with them instead of letting them bring you down. You must keep your spirits up when you encounter life’s potholes. There are things you can do to get past them and not lose your positive, loving outlook:

Manage your thoughts. The normal reaction is to get swept away by the negative wave. But that only makes you feel worse. Try to think about something good going on in your life. Instead of “This is so awful,” think, “This will work out fine in the end.”

Curb your immediate response and emotions. Sometimes we get caught off guard when something goes wrong and can overreact in negative ways. Letting your emotions run wild aggravates the situation and makes you feel much worse. Try to catch yourself so you can assess the situation more rationally. If you can control your emotions, you’ll respond in a more reasonable way and be able to stay more positive.

Take a time out. When you feel like things are overwhelming you in a negative way, take a break. Instead of letting circumstances drag you down, do something for you. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Call a friend to talk it out.

Focus on what’s most important at that moment. When things are going wrong, little things can divert your attention to what’s most important to take care of. Having too many little things on your mind can also overwhelm you. Don’t think ahead to the next level of what you might have to do. Just focus on what’s important to do right now.

Concentrate on resolving what’s wrong. Often we run tapes of the problem through our heads instead of putting your mind into fixing mode. Worrying does nothing. Looking for a solution gets you back to positive faster.

Affirm, “This too will pass.” It helps you to get past what’s going on right now and reminds you that bad situations  don’t’ last forever. Reminding myself with this affirmation helps me stay on a positive track.

Problems get solved but you can hurt yourself by letting them take over your life. Love yourself enough to keep them in perspective. No matter what’s going on, find something good to focus on to keep your spirits up. You’ll get through stuff a lot faster and feel a lot better for doing so. That says, “I love me!”

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