Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

Law of Attraction in Action: Are You Who You Want to Attract?

This is post 223 in my series on the Law of Attraction in Action. You CAN use your power to manifest your desires. I do it every day! Read all the posts in my Law of Attraction in Action Series to see how.

I often hear people complaining about the people in their lives, especially romantic partners. Why can’t he do this? Why does she keep doing that? I ask the one making the comments how perfect he or she is. I usually get confused looks. Yet I complained like that too in my DoorMat days and spent a lot of time whining to anyone who’d listen about the things friends or the guy I was dating at the time did that annoyed me.

Finally, a friend got fed up listening to me go on and on about what someone said or did. She asked if I always did everything perfectly. Uh…not always. She advised me to put my energy into making myself the kind of person I wanted to attract into my life. For the Law of Attraction to work best, you should live as if you have what you want, without fear or doubt that you will have it. When it comes to attracting good friends or romantic partners, you should do your best to live as the person you want to attract into your life.

Doing so has helped me meet wonderful people. I now have wonderful friends, great editors for my books, friendly neighbors—good people in all areas of my life. Ever since I began to work at being the kind of person I wanted in my life, I began to attract those kinds of people. It makes sense. When you became the kind of person you want to attract, you become like a magnet for like-minded people. Likes attracts likes. So instead of lamenting the qualities you don’t like in people in your life, keep those qualities out of yourself.

People tend to reflect what you like or don’t like about yourself. The things that annoy you give you clues about how to improve you. Are you scared of gaining weight or or think you need to lose some? That could be why you pick on someone’s body. Are you concerned about not advancing more at work? When I actually was honest with myself after breaking up with a critical boyfriend, I was able to see that what he criticized were things that bothered me too. I worked on them and it felt good. Once I did I attracted a better guy!

Complaining about the people you have now creates a negative vibration because it puts you into a bad mood and you’ll attract more people like the ones you complain about. But when you work on yourself, become the best person you can be, and add a good dose of self-love, you’re much more likely to attract those you want. With Valentine’s Day coming, focus on being the kind of person you want to be in a relationship with. If you’re already in one, you can improve it. If you don’t have a partner right now, remember that you still have you. Love yourself! Work on breaking the habits you have and don’t like.. Take good care of your health and fitness. That’s the best way to attract a healthy relationship.

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  • http://mysuccesskeys.com Shanna Carson

    Yes, the Law of Attraction really works, but reflects our dominant and most practiced thoughts. We can’t spend 5 minutes on a new thought and 23 hours and 55 minutes thinking the old thoughts and have anything change.

    That being said, we can simultaneously be positive and believing while also maintaining a healthy degree of scepticism. The Law of Attraction is not about ignoring common sense.

    We must also understand that the Universe works at its own speed. Although instant manifestation may sometimes happen, our desire will manifest in the universe’s timeframe rather than ours! It could even be that the universe knows that we are not yet ready to receive our desire.

  • Daylle Deanna Schwartz

    True Shanna! : )

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