Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

Whether you celebrate Christmas, or Hanukkah or Kwanza, or another holiday or no holiday at this time of year, I wish you a Happy Holiday Season! I celebrate the spirit I feel more than anything else and am happy to join a gathering for any of those holidays. I love how my city gets dressed up to the nines in December. People seem to be more peaceful on Christmas day.

While you should enjoy the day, please keep the people in Newtown, CT in your prayers! They won’t be celebrating this year. The loss of twenty young lives and eight older ones has devastated us all. Whether you have your own children or have interacted with other people’s, we can all empathize with their loss. And the loss of the adults is no less tragic.

So at some point today, stop and say a special prayer for the friends and families of the people who were killed in the school shooting. You shouldn’t let it put a damper on your whole day but take five minutes to wish them peace and healing during this horrible time for them. Send them love in your thoughts. Feel their pain for a minutes. Grieve for them. And ask for them to be taken care of as best they can be after what happened. Then send them love. The more people who send them love from their hearts, the more they’ll feel it. That will make your own self-love stronger!

I wish you all a blessed day!

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