Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

I often encourage you to celebrate yourself and all you do. But it’s also nice to celebrate the people in your life that you care about. Most people are insecure in some way, no matter how confident they come across. I still have my moments. And encouragement can make a difference for me. You don’t have to throw anyone a party but your enthusiasm and excite words can add something special to a friend’s day.

•    If a co-worker gets a promotion let them know you’re happy for them. Don’t let jealousy seep into your feelings. Bring them a cupcake. Make a bit of a fuss with your congratulations. It creates a wonderful vibe between you and they’ll appreciate your acknowledgement.

•    If a friend loses weight after trying for a long time, don’t let your wishes to lose your own weight temper your response. Find a small token to give to show how proud you are for them—one flower, a candle, a hand mirror, etc.

•    If your friends friend’s kids made the honor roll or had achievement that your kids didn’t, make a fuss when you see those kids instead of wishing yours had done better. When your kids have an achievement, hopefully your friend will do it for them.

•    If they guy who you buy coffee from finally gets his degree, give him a round of clapping. You may have three degrees but his accomplishment means a lot to him. Show that you know it.

No one’s achievements or successes should take anything away from you. Jealousy does that! It keeps you from celebrating other people and you’ll feel negative about what the person did. When you cheer for them, they feel good, and in turn, you do too! Look for things to celebrate in people who matter to you. I often just give a little clapping cheer when someone tells me about something good. You don’t have to spend money to celebrate people. When you show you’re excited for them, you give a special gift on its own. And it truly does come back to you!

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