Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

Law of Attraction in Action: Don’t Ask for What You Want

This is post 160 in my series on the Law of Attraction in Action. You CAN use your power to attract all that you need. I do it every day! Read all the posts in my Law of Attraction in Action Series to see how.

If you read my posts and books you know I encourage asking for what you want so you may be surprised to see the title of this post. While it’s very important to ask for what you want from people, it’s just as important not to ask for what you want when you’re trying to manifest good stuff.


Asking implies a choice—yes or no. You have to accept that when asking for a favor, a raise, or whatever else you want. But when it comes to manifesting what you want and using the Law of Attraction to do so, you should be as positive as possible about getting it. Asking implies that you’re hoping but not sure. And you want to be sure because that gets you excited and increases your vibration, like I explained in my post, Setting Your Vibrational Tone.

The more you think and see your desire as a done deal and work up your emotions about this being true, the more manifesting becomes easier.


I recently talked to Sara, who was anxious for a new job that she’d love doing. She said she’d asked God if He’d please make that happen since she’d been wanting it for 2 years. I asked what else she was doing. Nothing she said. “I’m waiting to see if God will grant my wish.” I then asked if she was excited about getting this new job. “No,” she said almost sadly, “since I don’t know if I’ll get it.” I warned her that she probably wouldn’t since she sent the Universe a message that said she doubted it would happen.

When your emotions show doubt it reflects a lack of faith, which the Law of Attraction picks up on you not expecting to get it. And you don’t!

Sara was surprised but asked for my help. I suggested she focus on the job she wanted instead of asking for it. Your strong desire to get what you want begins the process of attracting it. I told her to:


•    Picture yourself doing the job.
•    Think of all the good things that you’ll have once you get it.
•    Keep that job in mind for everything you do.
•    Begin making small choices based on what you’ll need when you get the job.
•    Express gratitude for it as if it’s already yours.

Sara was skeptical but did it. She stopped asking for a new job and began to think as if she had the job already. She got excited about having it. It took her some time since this was a new concept for her. But she did what she could, especially giving thanks for having the job. She said once she got into the swing of it, it felt good.  And those good feelings are what’s needed to get what you want.


Four months later Sara got the job offer of her dreams. She called to tell me that the more she felt excited about getting a good job, the more opportunities opened up. When she got called for a big interview, she reinforced faith that if this job was meant for her highest good it was hers. And she aced the interview! Her vision made her more confident going in and the job was hers.

Your true power is in Knowing you have it as I said in my Law of Attraction in Action post. Don’t worry about how it will happen. Just know that it’s yours and trust the “directions” will come to you when needed. Ask people for what you want and thank the Universe for what you’re trying to manifest. I always put it into God’s hands and feel good about knowing that will make it happen.


See all the posts in my Law of Attraction in Action Series HERE.

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  • truth87balance

    Im going to try my best to implement these strategies. I’ll let you know if I get this job i’m envisioning myself working at. =)

  • Emma Berry-Pierre

    Please can you clarify a few things. I have been after a job for over a year and your page has me interested. When you say ‘keep that job in mind for everything you do’ what do you mean exactly? Also ‘express gratitude for it like I already have it’ how do I do that? Do I write it down, say it or just feel it? I find knowing if I am expressing gratitude difficult because I have felt different ways when thankful for something in the past and sometimes I have not felt anything at all but I know I am grateful for having it. Please I need your help.

    • arish sheikh

      i can help you in this …there is a way 10000 times easier than this ..if you want ..i can give it

      • Emma Berry-Pierre

        Such as? Please explain

        • arish sheikh

          Have you heard of alpha , theta bran waves …

          • Emma Berry-Pierre

            Yes I have I have used some YouTube videos that have it. Do you know of any videos?

          • arish sheikh

            No , i dont have videos ..but i have books which can change ur mind patterns very fast

  • KK

    Emma, I think a good way to do this is to recall a positive memory, for instance, the moment you fell in love, had a great day etc and really focus on that feeling until you can picture yourself in that moment. Once you can connect to that happy feeling, you can imagine you have what you want and you feel better about it. A good way to access this is to focus on it during meditation. It takes practice :)

  • Mark

    I must be doing something wrong. I have been out of work since September 2013. I have been presented to various employers at least 20 times since then, and each time I was sure I was going to get the job. And I was also practicing exactly what you suggested in your article: Picture yourself doing the job, think of all the good things that you’ll have once you get it, keep that job in mind for everything you do, begin making small choices based on what you’ll need when you get the job, and express gratitude for it as if it’s already yours.

    In fact, this visualizing what my life will be like again with a specific meaningful job (i.e. one to which I have presented my interest and résumé) is something I do daily, whether I’m meditating or just out walking…it’s always on my mind….and I thoroughly enjoy this “planning” and visualizing in my mind. I also keep that job in mind for everything I do…to the point where some might even call this “obsessive”. Some might even think I am going insane because if you were to walk past me on the sidewalk when I’m out walking every day you would hear me talking to myself about all of this…this is where I practice my affirmations.

    I like to walk every day and I was even planning my walking routes to various potential jobs as a way of staying fit while I travel to and from this new job (i.e. I walked there in preparation as if I was already offered the position). If the job is further away I have been planning to buy a bike and have used Google Streetview to plan my bike route.

    Every day I thank the universe for presenting the job opportunity to me, and I state categorically that the job is mine. I have the background, the skills, and I’m simply the best person for the job. The only frustration I have ever felt is 1) not being considered for, or getting the job, and 2) periodically wondering why manifesting a job takes so long. Usually my frustration only lasts for perhaps 15 minutes, and then I put the disappointment behind me, regain my optimism, and get right back to job hunting. No sense on dwelling on the past, or what “might” have been.

    Why then have I not found a job? After all of my interviews I have felt strongly that they went really well (with perhaps with 1 or 2 phone interviews that did not go very well). I certainly have the skills, background, experience, and expertise to do the jobs where I was invited to an interview. Never once in any of my interviews have I felt that I had a personality problem or that I ever came across as being unprofessional or undesirable. In every case after I received official rejection I felt surprised and disappointed that the role was not offered to me as I felt in each case that the job was indeed mine.

    So what gives? If I have had the right attitude for the jobs, and I have the skills and background for the roles (I would not have been invited to an interview if I did not), and I have a “can-do-it” attitude whenever I’m in an interview, plus I have been told in follow-up reports that I’m personable and I was considered someone who could “fit in” and get along with anyone. So then what does one need to do to actually get the job? Usually the “official” excuse for not hiring me has been pretty lame and none (at least the ones who have provided feedback) have yet to make any sense to me.

    So if I’m following the law of attraction to the best of my abilities then what else can I do to make this work? Or does the law of attraction simply present you with the opportunity, and it has zero effect over other’s abilities to decide? This would make some sense because how can the law of attraction get you what you want if there are others who are striving for the exact same thing (i.e. winning the lottery etc.)? I have had quite a few job opportunities presented to me in the past 14 months, but I feel that I have also had very little influence over the hiring managers’ final decisions.

    With all of this in mind then, how should/could one use LOA to overcome these issues and finally get that job?

    • Aryanthaker

      Even I am on job search for a long time. I am working on Law of attraction principle. And I do excatly what you described. Still on job search. Were you able to get answers for your questions?
      I just feel that law of attraction is not like universe is working for you but your thoughts just makes you feel positive and motivated to work more. I alway realized that every now and then I become negative and I stop making any effort toward job search but then work a lot when I am implementing law of attraction.
      You are getting interviews, which is good news. You will make through one of them. If you didn’t apply law of attraction probably you wonldnt have worked hard enough to even get those interviews. I guess LOA works by pushing you into action, nothing magical. You getting interview is in your hand. You getting hired is in your interviewers hand.
      Hope we do get placed as early as possible! Let me know what you think of my view.

    • truth87balance

      Hey, I just noticed the same pattern. I found an article and it mentioned ‘letting go’ after a period of getting into alignment. So you set your intention, visualize and do other techniques, then let it go and continue with your life without thinking about it or obsessing over it. You can read more in my blog

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