Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

A good way to give yourself a quick dose of self-empowerment is to do something you’ve been putting off. Things often pile up in my apartment. I get so immersed in my writing that I don’t make time to sort through it and find it a home or take care of it. For example, I had an insurance form I to fill out. It wasn’t terrible but there are things I didn’t understand, which means I had to call and ask. That can be time consuming and exasperating if I’m on hold for ages. But when I finally set my mind to doing it, I felt wonderful after.

Taking control of yourself to you do something that hard or unpleasant for you can make you feel terrific about yourself when it’s done.

Yet we don’t do them. We procrastinate and make excuses. Blinders can get tight for ignoring clutter or obvious things that need doing. You’ll call your aunt tomorrow; do laundry over the weekend; make a doctors appointment when you have more time; sort the papers when you’re one the phone, etc. It’s easy to put things off:

•    “I’m too tired.”
•    “Maybe I can get someone to help me.”
•    “I may want to vacuum more so why put it away.”
•    “It doesn’t look so bad.”
•    “Mercury is in retrograde. I need to leave it for now.”

Some of those excuses are ridiculous but I’ve heard them from others and used them myself too. I still put many things off to the point of getting angry at me. So I know firsthand what a joy it is to actually tackle a chore or take an action that I’ve wanted to take or do for a while. When it’s done, I feel like, “YES!” Euphoria; pride; relief that it’s done, etc.

Not taking care of “those things” can make you angry with yourself, like it did for me. It can create a plethora of negative emotions that don’t feel good. Often you don’t even realize how negatively you felt about putting off a chore until you do it. Then you can look back at how much better you feel once you’ve done it. It truly can be a relief to get stuff done so you don’t have to think about doing it anymore.

Think about what you need to do but have put off. Write everything down in a list. Choose one and do it. When you’re done, cross it off the list. The more you do the better you’ll feel! As you break procrastination habits, you’ll feel in more control of you. That’s a lovely act of self-love!

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