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Yesterday I had Part 1 of my interview with Margaret M. Lynch, a Success Coach, speaker and recognized worldwide as a top EFT/Tapping Expert for my EFT/Tapping series. On Monday EFT Practitioner Lillian Moore explained the basics of Emotional Freedom Technique. Yesterday my Law of Attraction in Action: Fueling the Law of Attraction with EFTHere is more of Margaret’s insight into using Tapping:

Why are more and more people gravitating to EFT? “It’s unbelievable. Tapping has been around for 25 years and there’s [a lot written on it]. It’s exceptional when it comes to anxiety, phobias, and even post traumatic stress disorders. As goofy and simple as it looks, it is so powerful that they’re using it with veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder. I say to people, if I can turn off a Vietnam veteran’s flashback memory of horrific scenes, I think I can turn off your fear of success. There are licensed organizations set up to teach people. Therapists from every walk of therapy are doing what they call energy psychology in the clinical world. If you’re going to take a leap of faith and try something funky and new, give Tapping a try. The results are amazing!”

Did you study to learn how to do EFT? “The original EFT was created by Gary Craig. The training was DVD based so that it’s standardized and he knows you got his pure training. I had to pass very rigorous exams. There’s a requirement of many clinical hours before you can take the exam. Then I went to in-person workshops that were over many days. The Association of for Comprehensive Energy Psychology has a training program for those who want to learn EFT.”

Who do you think EFT would be a powerful tool for? For anyone who has stress, a body and a nervous system. You don’t have to believe it. It literally stimulates the acupuncture points and turns down the fight or flight response. It’s very powerful to use as a tool even if you just use it to reduce stress and anxiety. So if you have a nervous system, it is a good tool. At the same time, you can also use it as I do to go after anything that’s keeping you stuck from a goal. Wouldn’t it be great to find out what that is and get rid of it?”

Why is it so helpful to tap on old issues, hurts, blocks, etc.? “We learn about the Law of Attraction and have heard over the years that we have unconscious blocks. But it leaves you wondering, if they’re unconscious, how do I know what they are? That’s why Tapping is so cool. Because it’s so measurable, we developed this other science for Tapping, which is how to set up the Tapping for how to find the conflicts and blocks going on in you so we can do Tapping on it.”

How can one begin to find those conflicts and blocks? “Before we get to the Tapping, we test people to get them to measure and feel their own internal resistance and blocks by asking questions and making statements out loud. When I deal with people about money, I have them write down their goal. A lot of people have never done that, or have one, and they start to feel resistance there. I ask, “How much money do you want to make?” I ask them to write down the next jump up from what they have now, because that’s more triggering to people than a million dollars. It’s ore real. I have them write it down and say out loud, “It’s impossible” and measure how true that feels.”

Then what do you do? “I have them double the number and they start to feel anxious right away. As the number goes up it feels more impossible. I ask, “On a scale of 1-10 how true does it feel?” They get mad. Then I ask what emotions are coming up? It’s usually something like anxiety or sadness. Then you start to see that there’s something about the numbers on the page that triggers your limiting beliefs and emotions with it. As soon as they start this process they get it and feel the emotions and all the limiting beliefs come up about why they don’t really want it. A million beliefs come up. ‘My friends will be after me for money’ ‘My parents, who were horrible to me will say, ‘See, I raised you right.’’ You start to actually see your own set of limiting beliefs.”

Did you use this yourself? “I had this programming that I had never questioned. I couldn’t double my income because a man should make more money than me and take care of me. When I thought about it I was like, “WHAT1?” You uncover these interesting beliefs and blocks and programming that come from your family paradigm, such as, ‘My family would feel funny around me if I made that much money.’ Over the years I found it so riveting that I had to keep doing it.

I mainly work with people who want to achieve goals but who are sabotaging themselves and they keep using it. That’s how I built my business from nothing to a multi-6-figure practice. I kept setting new goals that felt impossible so I’d do the Tapping again.”

Isn’t the hardest part knowing what issues to tap about? “Practitioners like myself have developed a whole science around ‘How do I get to the limiting beliefs?’ Then we know what to tap on.”

How does Tapping work for a group? “It’s really fun to do this in groups and tele-classes because I can get everyone in the room. They’re going to feel something and measure it. After the Tapping it’s going to feel lighter and less important.”

How often do you need to tap on one issue? “It depends. Say you’re working on a past trauma, you might work with someone and feel very clear and free and the trauma may even be a distant memory. Then a couple of weeks later you might find another aspect of it comes up like, ‘Nobody protected me. What were they thinking!!?’ and you feel this new sense of anger. It’s like another layer of the onion so you’ll want to process that again.”

Does tapping need to follow a specific technique? “You don’t even need words to turn off stress and anxiety. You can tap one or 2 points, in a very methodical ways. Different people use different points. I leave out points that other people use. Just stimulate enough points to get a response. The collarbone point is a favorite of many people.”

How can someone learn to use Tapping more effectively? There’s great value in doing a tele-class because you do a lot of tapping but it’s much cheaper than a private session.

Check out Margaret M. Lynch’s highly acclaimed tapping book and program, Secret of Intentional Wealth and her “Tapping for Money Boot Camps” and “Tapping Through The Chakras” method. Her brand new program “The 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation” will be available in July. Right now you can get her Tapping for Money video course is available now.

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