Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

I’m amazed by how many people scoff off the idea of getting a good night’s sleep. The say they don’t have time. Five hours is enough. But it really isn’t. While people get used to functioning on little sleep, it takes its toll on your health. People ask me why I look so much younger than I am. While it’s not just one thing, I do believe that making an effort to sleep 8 hours a night makes a big difference in the quality of m skin. I read that collagen is produced in the final hours of sleep and if you wake too early, you miss this benefit for keeping lines at bay.

When I’m sleep deprived, I can see it in my skin. It sags a little. Some lines that I rarely see become more prominent! Then I get a few good nights of sleep and my skin is back to its healthy condition, firm and those lack of sleep lines are gone. Though I love my skin to look good, my biggest reason for getting sleep is because it makes me feel good. People tell me they wish they could completely give up sleep and find it a total waste of time they could be working. They don’t understand that sleep is crucial for good health and energy.

While people can get away with less sleep than doctors recommend, they’re doing themselves a disservice when they skimp on it.

Your body rejuvenates while you sleep. If you want to give yourself a great loving gift, allow enough time to get adequate rest every night. When you do, you’ll see the difference in your energy level, overall healthy and clarity in thinking. Getting enough sleep says a great big, “I love me!”

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