Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

I’ve lived through several warnings about the world ending and heard stories of people selling their homes, spending their money and then being in bad shape when life went on. It seems people need an excuse to enjoy their lives. I personally don’t believe it will happen tomorrow but do know it is in God’s hands and that means I’m fine. My faith keeps me from worrying.

What we can learn from this is the importance of living every day fully, with lots of joy!

There are different interpretations of your world ending. Mine ended when I left DoorMatville, which began a new world of taking care of me. As I became empowered, I entered a world of happiness and getting my needs met. Now I’m conscious about how happy I make myself each day. People seem to be using the belief that the world is ending to give themselves permission to put all their efforts into enjoying life for a few days. I feel sorry for the ones who’ve spent everything and will be low on resources on Sunday.

There is a middle ground—live every day with an intention of being happy in moderation.

Moderation means not getting carried away like the people who think they must fit all of their pleasure into a few days before the end. Find one loving thing to do for yourself that makes you feel good—every day. It doesn’t have to cost money. Taking a break can give you pleasure. Calling a friend can leave you feeling good. While living like the world is coming to an end can take spending, partying, and doing what you please to an extreme, it can ruin your life when you run out of money and burn out.

Living like every day is your best can keep happiness as a constant in your life.

Figure out something you’d like to do each day and write it down on a big post-it or a paper that ou put on your fridge or a mirror as a reminder to do something nice for you. Writing something down each day keeps you conscious of making yourself happy. Also think about things you’d want to clear up if the world really was ending. Is there someone you want to resolve an issue with? Or make it clear you love them? Or a change you want to make in your living space? Or anything you’ve put off for ages but know you must do. Write them down and take steps to doing them, one at a time.

If the world ended tomorrow, what regrets would you have? Why wait for the world to end to fix them??!

You can make changes in your life every day that make life better, no matter how much time you have left! Become aware of what you’ve been putting off or situations you want to resolve. Then when life goes on, it will be a better one! Live each day as your best and enjoy the results!

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