Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

Guilt can ruin the pleasure of eating something yummy. Many of us are in a perpetual cycle of watching our weight. I try to be careful not to gain much. But the pursuit of a slimmer body can cloud our ability to allow us to enjoy what we eat. And self-love is about making yourself happy!

One way I like to enjoy spring is to have an ice cream cone from Baskin Robbins. Pralines & Cream is my favorite flavor. I get one when I’m taking a walk and love to stroll along enjoying my treat. I also buy one  and go sit in the park, slowly savoring it. For me, ice cream goes with a gorgeous spring day. So when I get a craving for ice cream because the sun is shining and the temperature is pleasant, I indulge myself, and enjoy every bite, without the slightest hint of guilt, because I love to give me pleasure!

Find your pleasure and indulge in it occasionally, knowing that one time won’t blow your diet.

Whether it’s ice cream or a smoothie or a shake or a small bag of chips, or decadent candy or whatever else rocks your taste buds, allow yourself to have it occasionally. When I travel, I love to buy fresh fudge if I encounter a fudge shop, which seems to be prevalent in small towns. I don’t buy a lot—just one piece that I can enjoy by eating it slowly and savoring those rich calories.

Say “I love me” by treating yourself to something you enjoy eating. And enjoy it without guilt. Self-love means bringing smiles to your face. So find your treat and indulge, without going overboard or doing it too often. Special treats reinforce being a special person and nourishes you, and your self-love!


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