Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

Prayers for Japan

eye w:tears.jpgI have a few problems on my plate that are big for me and have been making me feel stressed. Then I turned on the TV and saw pictures from Japan after the earthquake and tsunami and my problems melted into small stuff. Nobody is problem-free. Often we can focus so much on what’s going wrong and magnify problems so much that stress takes over. That puts a dark cloud over your life and the good you have.


The more you focus on your problems, the less you focus on blessings.

As I felt sorry for myself this morning, I listened to the reports from Japan and my mouth dropped. It’s the worst earthquake Japan has ever had and the third largest ever in the world. OMG! And then there was the destruction from the tsunami. My problems became like small peas compared to what the people of Japan are going through.

Of course everything is relative. I’ve told someone about a situation that was stressing me out and been told I should be grateful for my life because so many people are starving and suffering in many ways. When I was a DoorMat I bought this. How dare I be unhappy when I had enough money to pay my bills and spend extra on me and my health was good!? So I suppressed my unhappiness and felt guilty when it surfaced. Then I discovered there is a middle ground.


Your problems don’t mean less because other people have it worse. But you also shouldn’t blow your problem up to seem worse than they are.

I will solve my issues. One was weather related and it’s already okay. I will take care of the other one shortly. For the people of Japan, the problems will grow and remain for a long time. My heart goes out to the country and its people. When I watch it on TV I cry. It’s hard to imagine experiencing that kind of tragedy. It took my mind off of my own problems. While I still feel them, I’m able to keep them more in perspective by observing the magnitude of what the people of Japan are enduring.

Keep your problems from becoming worse than necessary. Most every day ones can be dealt with in ways that don’t need to cause super amounts of stress.


And, say prayers for the people in Japan who are suffering so much. It will go on for a long time. If you can, make a donation to one of the organizations that will provide support for the people who lost everything and those who are stranded. I’m doing a lot of praying and will also donate what I can. I’m still stunned by this tragedy. May the people who lost their lives rest in peace.
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  • Magdalena Elles—–

    —I know a Missionary in Japan at the city of Oiso and dear Lord I pray that this person is safe in your arms. Let your Holy Angel protect her and be with her whatever comes her way – in Jesus Name I pray for all the Missionaries in Japan and also the people of Japan. Give all the Firefighters and Government Official the wisdom and courage to do the right thing. God have mercy on JAPAN.

  • Daylle Deanna Schwartz


  • james gallegos

    May God be with all involved in this disaster. The world has been warrened to subside from its evil ways, greed, hate, envey, if we the children of God do not come togather and follow gods path, this planet is domed. Lord hear our prayers.

  • Natasha

    As a survivor of the 1995 earthquake in Kobe, Japan, my heart goes out to all those affected in this recent tragedy. I thank the Lord that He gave me and my family LIFE back 16 years ago when over 6,000 lost their lives in Kobe. This moment in time, today, is a time to come together in prayer, to ask the Lord for forgiveness and strength to amend our ways. We pray for comfort and a healing spirit for all those in Japan today.

  • Daylle Deanna Schwartz

    Amen James!
    You really know how it feels Natasha and also are very blessed to be okay. Like you I continue to pray for healing

  • jenny from Japan

    Thank you for all your prayers and concerns to the people in Japan who are affected of the massive devastation and aftermath of tsunami and earthquake. I and my family are some of those affected, we are not directly hit by the strongest earthquake in History of Japan but we are affected by the aftermath such as food shortage and power outage. But we thank God for keeping us alive up to this time.
    Indeed, you must be thankful compared with what we are facing now.

  • Daylle Deanna Schwartz

    Bless you Jenny! I’m glad that you and your family are safe.

  • Carolyn

    Thank you for all your words of wisdom. I too cry when I see the situation in Japan, and send prayers of hope and courage for all in Japan who are in this difficult time. Your post is a good reminder of putting things in perspective. I was a little grumpy yesterday and today – fussing about my problems and your post most certainly helped. I was able to shift my thoughts to the positive things I am doing in my life and the gentle loving I give myself every day. Your blog has help me a lot over the last year – thank you.

  • Ectalope

    I also experience same thing in Philippines in 1996. The volcano near us has erupted so badly lava had flowed down and ashes falls for the day its dark like night because of ashfall and every minutes there is earthquake. even it rain rocks and sand. Our homes and cars are are half covered of sand. For months there is no electricity so many people died but we are lucky we survive. The thing that I have learned that time is humanity. The will of caring for each other no matter or whoever we are. Lets continue to pray and help each other regardless of the status and nationality we are because we have only one creator, one God. Let us care for each other. God bless Japan and our world. We ask this in Jesus name. Amen.
    God loves all of us no matter what….

  • Marg

    I can’t help feel down and devasted for the people of Japan. In my Buddhist studies it is said that the best thing we can do is keep our energy up for them. Our worried, sad, depressed energy from seeing this on tv does them no good. It’s not easy but practicing sending positive energy and taking their
    pain along with offering what ever monetary or physical assistance we can help alll of us.

  • Jill

    I pray that the Lord gives the people of Japan the strength to endure.I will keep them in my prayers.

  • Erin G

    I am so glad I read your post this morning. I was so stressed about the little things in my life last night and wanted to focus on sending good healing energy to Japan and my little problems seemed to keep getting in the way… this put things into the perspective that I needed to change my attitude and put as much positive and loving energy out there for the people who really need it – thank you :)

  • Tommo

    I pray for patience and grace before I respond to people I encounter that are whining about weather or minor inconveniences like a lack of a parking space or lukewarm showers at their gym. I thank God for the blessings I receive and ask that He send the eternal comforter to care for and protect the people of Northern Japan, China, Haiti, and New Zealand. My heart and empathy goes out to those people, and I find peace in the knowledge that all things work for good for those who believe.

  • Deborah

    When you realize the true devastation of this catastrophic event, how people’s lives will never be the same, it takes me to the thought of how Jesus Christ suffered for us and how we must give of ourselves to help others. No problem I have ever had, will ever measure up to what the people of Japan are going thru. We certainly need to keep them in our thoughts and prayers continually, for they have a long road ahead of them in restoring their lives. But with God, we can do all things. God Bless America!

  • judy whitney

    my prayers go out to japan.we,as americans are so blessed ican’t imagine
    how devastating that is to have to go through any of what japan is going through right now.i have a good friend who is over there visiting his family.he is only about 100 miles from the destruction .may god bless them all and lift them out of harms way my love and prayers go out to you all

  • debby smith

    i too have serious problems in my life as i am homeless and lost my mom , not a natural death. after seeing the devistation in Japan i couldn’t keep from crying. the worst thing is that the after shocks keep coming and they aren’t small. i think they need to be saved from the island and get a mainland to be on as i believe this is God’s way of telling them to find another place that is safe. every country in this world who are safe havens should consider taking so many people in, the elderly and children quickly. i believe there is a bigger earthquake coming and there will be no more japan. this was just a warning. so america, britain, canada, all who want to help consider
    giving new homes to those who want to leave. we have got to help in more ways now

  • yolie777

    we have so much to be greatful for, i was stressing over situations in my life myself. deceided to let go and let god work it out. the people in japan need our love and support as christians, donations are needed asap. thankful the big hasn’t hit california yet!! god bless the surviors and rip the victims of this natural disater.

  • Patti

    I, too, forget how good I really do have it, compared to the tragic evernts that have recently unfolded in Japan. My pride and joy is my 11-year-old son, Alex, who has Autism and is non-verbal. I often ask myself “Why me…”, because life can be very challenging at times. When I saw all the devastation that is has happened in Japan, and is continuing to happen, I realize that life really isn’t that bad and “Why not me….” Like I said earlier, he is my pride and joy. So I think I will just allow the challenges to make me stronger and more grateful for all the wonderful people and things that I have, instead of what I don’t have.

  • Connie

    Please let the Japanese people that Christians are praying for quick recover and for them in general. Christians understands the pain and suffaging that are facing the Japanese people everyday.

  • Nancy

    The destruction in Japan is absolutely horrorific. It looks like Mother Nature decided to vent all of her fury on Japan for what we have been doing to the planet for so long. If we do not mend our ways the whole planet may look like Japan, since the weather patterns are already changing.
    My heart goes out to all of the people who are suffering,hurt, and have lost loved ones. Nobody should have to be subjected to such a terrible event. My prayers are with everyone for a swift recovery.

  • theresa

    Hello, when I just now read your email, I started to cry. You said everything I have been feeling….about myself! I have not taken the time to watch the news. I have prayed for the people of Japan and other countries who will be affected by this disaster. I am getting ready to turn the news on. It doesn’t go away just because I don’t watch it. My neice (by mariage) and her daughter (my great neice), are stationed in Japan, in Mosowa. My nephew is serving in Iraq. We are all so worried about them. They are not together at the moment and they have no family with either of them. Yes, I do have problems, and yes I do feel sorry for myself, at times. And, yes, I do feel guilty for feeling that way. But, you put it in perspective for me when you said there is a middle ground. I don’t have to make my problems mountains, and when I know there are others with problems way bigger than mine, it does help me to put mine where they need to be….big or small, I can get through mine with God. These people have a long struggle ahead of them. Another catastrophe that really makes me think of others more, and for me to be less selfish. It doesn’t make my problems always hurt less, but it does help me to cope with them better, by praying more for others than myself. Thank You for your comment. Gratefully, Theresa and God Bless!

  • Theresa Miller

    You know what I was in the same mole feeling so stressed about my situation about my medical plan, then I witnessed on tv the devastating earthquake in Japan and then realized just how bless I am. The people in Japan have losted everything they owed due to the earthquake and were not gonna even talk about tsauami (I hope I spelled it right) all of their possesions gone, God knows how to get our attention, never again will I complain about things I have no control over, but will start as of right now concentrate on the blessings and how grateful I and my family are for what we do have. God Bless The People In Japan. You all are in my prayers and our church is praying for God to camp angels all around you all and bring you peace.

  • Cindy Stampe

    Thank you God for all my blessings! Let me never to forget get to say,Thank You every day! My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan.

  • Judee

    Thank you God for all your blessing and alerting me through Beliefnet, that we should realize how fortunate we are, Thank you again God, Almighty for your protection and blessing. I sincerely pray for those who have lose their homes and direction. God, please be with them to guide them and protect them. Again and again we thank God for your blessing and we pray for the speedy recovery of any disaster. Amen, lets all our thought and prayers be for all those affected in one way or another during these disaster and at the present moment in Japan. Amen.



  • Debra Polidore McCurtis

    To My Family In Japan my 2 grandson KeiShaun & Christopher Patterson and their father Alphonso Patterson MAY GOD BLESS YOU & all the people of Japan may the Lord take mercy on those and consoul those who have lost love ones please pray for everyone in Japan

  • Diane L. Christopher

    My heartfelt prayers go out to the country of Japan. May God strengthen them through this horrible ordeal. May He restore peace and restoration to this country. And may He bless all those whose lives were lost and the families of them. God is angry and I don’t blame him for many have sinned and left the Lord in so many ways. Let’s get back to basics and start mending our ways and praying to our God for all the many wonderful blessings He has given us. God Bless Japan and all affected by this devastation. Amen.

  • GENNY and Vic

    My husband and I pray the Rosary nightly or whenever we are traveling. We tried our best to give at least 1 hour each day to Our Lady and Our Lord. We offer our prayers to those who are ill, and to those devasted with disaster (Haiti, Middle East, Japan and elsewhere)and those who are troubled. I would like to share this short and simple prayer: “Dear Blessed Mother, at Lourdes you promised to intercede before our Loving God for those who are ill or troubled. I place my petitions before you….for healing, strength and peace, for me and for my loved ones. Amen
    God Bless and All!

  • LMH

    Dear Father in heaven in the name of your son Jesus and through the intercession of his holy Mother Mary I ask for your help and blessing on the people of Japan. Please help them during this tragic natural castastrophe. Amen.

  • godlover

    Dear God,
    Pray for everyone on this Earth. We are so fortunate to be blessed with abundance in our world. In the name of the father, the son and the Holy Ghost.

  • grog

    I pray the reacters can be stoped. The people of Japan allready have too much to deal with. May all departed be in a happier life. Thank you in Jesus.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Ppatti

    With tears in my eyes, God bless you Japan.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment shirley

    Some times in our lives we think we have the worst , but the devastating Japan ordeal and nothing matters in our own lives . My prayers are with all in Japan

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