Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

fireworks.JPGAs 2010 comes to an end, I wish you all the joy, hope, prosperity and love that you can manifest. You see, I know that each of you is capable of having a year full of more abundance than you can imagine in all areas of your life. It all begins in your head, and is fueled by your heart.

As is said often, if you can think it, you can conceive it. Self-love helps you bring your thoughts into the right alignment for attracting what you desire.

That’s why I registered January as Self-Love Month. Beginning tomorrow, I’ll have a 31 Days of Self-Love marathon of posts here on my blog. I will post at least once a day in January and all posts will be tips for loving yourself more and suggestions for breaking habits that hurt your relationship with you. I will still have my Tuesday post on the Law of Attraction in Action. And there will be guests. I hope that it motivates you to do something loving for yourself every day of January–and beyond!

Begin your year right by taking my 31 Days of Self-Love Challenge. You can do it! Doing something loving for you can be small, and free. Throughout the month I’ll make suggestions for things you can do. And you can download my free book, How Do I Love Me? Let Me Count the Ways for more suggestions and tools to build self-love. The more loving things you do for you, the more you’ll feel good about you and the more self-love grows.

At some point today, prepare your head and your heart to start 2011 in a healthy ways. My best advice for entering the New Year:

•    Count your blessings
•    Do something that makes you feel good
•    Let go of things that make you angry
•    Forgiving yourself for mistakes you made in 2010.

Do what you can to fuel determination to have a real new beginning, not a fantasy your head that fades fast as old negative thoughts take you down. Loving myself got me out of DoorMatville and kept me from going back. Loving myself helped me develop the strong faith I have today, after having none during my DoorMat years. The wonderful thing about self-love is that it’s all in your control. No one can stop you from loving yourself, except for you.

Let the love in for the New Year and keep it there all year! The more you have the more you’ll get. Of course if you prefer to be unhappy, ignore my pledge, don’t read my book, and keep on a negative path. But I do believe that you want to be happy. If I’m right, take the first step by pledging to do something kind for you for the next 31 days.

I wish you LOTS of love and joy in 2011!

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