Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

doves.jpgAs I left DoorMatville, when people asked what I was striving for, a peaceful life was it. When I left my marriage and moved out on my own, I’d look for ways to keep my life peaceful but it was hard to find. I was still a DoorMat, though working my way out of old patterns. Because I had roommates, I couldn’t control my surroundings easily, so peacefulness eluded me.

DoorMats often live in drama–running around to please everyone can keep stress high. Worrying about what people think adds to it. I didn’t want that anymore and looked for way. As I recognized that my living space was unhealthy for me, I moved to a better situation. Then I was able to keep my place quiet and control the music I heard. Many people go outside for peace–helping others and supporting good

But if you don’t have peace inside, it’s hard to feel peaceful just from doing things for others.

My peace began when I did things to nourish my body, mind and spirit. Working on keeping your stress level down brings more peace in. Every time you feel good, peace is stoked. Slowing down when I can brings peace. Doing yoga, getting a massage, listening to soft music, and deep breathing increase my peace. Avoiding fights and controlling your emotional response to annoying situations brings peace. Speaking up and nicely but firmly getting your feelings out brings peace. Letting go of people who drain you or bring you down brings peace.

Consciously watching for ways to increase peace in your life says, “I
love me!”

Do one small thing today that makes you more peaceful, at least for the moment. Do a minute of deep breathing. Take a walk. Call someone you love. Avoid someone who creates drama. Get a chore done that’s been hanging over your head so you can feel good knowing it’s done. Focus on being peaceful. Strive for it. Keep it in your mind to attract peaceful situations. As the song says, peace on earth begins with peace in you.

The more you create peace inside, the more you’ll attract peace around you.

Do everything you can to create a peaceful space at home. If you live with others and can’t control everything, have at least one spot that’s yours and give yourself special time for peace, like taking a bath with a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. The more peace you create in your world, the more peaceful you’ll feel overall. A peaceful lifestyle helps keep stress to a minimum and makes life a happier and healthier. Start working on becoming more peaceful today!

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