Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

sun.JPGI recently heard people being interviewed on the radio about the bad weather we were having. They were asked how they felt from all the the heat and humidity. One after another, people complained about it. I agreed with what everyone said. Then they found a guy with a fresh perspective. He said the weather didn’t bother him. He had one life and wouldn’t let the weather, or any other circumstances, hurt his day. He emphasized his view was a very spiritual, that transcended discomfort with heat and humidity.

Why let stuff you can’t control interfere with having a good day?

The man felt blessed to be alive, with his own good health and a healthy family. While the work he did at his job wasn’t stimulating, he was blessed to have a job that paid his bills in a bad economy. As I listened, it really made an impact. Even the guy who interviewed him was touched. I write about this kind of stuff yet I’ve been letting the weather affect me. New York had some exceptionally hot and humid days this year that Influenced my mood very badly.

I don’t like excess heat, especially when it’s also humid. New York has broken records this summer! The man on the radio reminded me that it’s my choice to let the weather, or anything else, hurt how I feel. Right after I was very clear to myself that despite the weather and some minor health issues, I chose to feel great and have a good day. Since then I’ve been saying that every morning and it’s made a big difference for me! The heat and humidity doesn’t last forever but still I shouldn’t wait for it to go away to feel happier.

No matter what you feel or what the weather is like, choose to make each day a very good one!

Since doing that every day I was able to tolerate the heat much better and also felt better, just from reminding myself that I want to feel good. It’s YOUR life. People can try to mess with you but it’s YOUR choice to let it hurt your positive outlook. The weather still made me hot but didn’t cool my jets anymore. I continued to keep my determination to feel good and make each day as good as possible, and it works! I know that given the choice, I’d rather be happy than unhappy.

Ask yourself, “Would I rather be happy or unhappy?” I hope you choose happy!

If you do, find ways to get past things that happen which you don’t like, such as rain when you need to be outdoors a lot, allergies when you have work to do, a fight with a friend, breaking up with someone, etc. I am so grateful to not live in DoorMatville anymore that I can live with everything else. I know that weather will change and I’ll meet new people or make up with old ones. Remember to choose happiness over being brought down. It’s a much better way to have a satisfied life.

Find the sunshine in every day, even if it’s cloudy outside!

You can make your own sunshine by counting your blessings and focusing on the good in your life. Weather changes but you don’t want to lose even one precious day to negatives. Every day enjoyed adds to the beauty of your life.

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