Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

Obama 1.JPGMany diplomats and presidents drive nearby to where I live. But today I came out to find my quiet street lined with barricades. I was going somewhere and people eagerly waited for President Obama to drive by. I came back over an hour later and people were still waiting. I actually hate when anyone important is in my neighborhood because it attracts crowds and limits getting around.

Right after I got back, the cavalcade of cars, flashing lights and all, started down my block. People teased me about my timing.
Obama 2.JPG
Hmm… Just coincidence? Who knows?! But I got to watch all the people, young and old, get super excited as the motorcycles and cars drove past my building. Life in NYC is rarely dull. People wonder how I can live here. I’m actually a country girl at heart. I feel most at home in the mountains, the Rockies in particular. But, having travels through most of the US and to many other countries, I can honestly say that there is nowhere else that has the kind of energy that NYC has.

Now that doesn’t mean it’s the best city in the world. There are folks who don’t like the energy. But when you’ve lived here for a while, it touches the soul. People move around quickly. The streets can get crowded. But I get to come home to my very quiet apartment, with tons of trees outside my window.

Obama 3.JPGI do like to get out of the city often. That keeps me balanced. But no matter where I go, NYC always calls me back. So it was fun to see president Obama drive by my building. Living here, you never know what’s going to happen. I’ve posted a few pics I took as the presidential entourage went by. The second one is the president’s car. I love my city and all it offers! And if I hadn’t left DoorMatville, I’d never have gotten the opportunity to live here. Blessings galore! 

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