Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

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is post 88 in my series on the Law of Attraction in Action. You CAN use your
power to attract all that you need. I do it every day! Read the
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you get angry if things don’t go your way? That’s a normal reaction. But, it
doesn’t have to be yours. When you can accept that everything happens has a reason, you
can roll in and out of life’s potholes without letting yourself get hurt on impact.
When I was a DoorMat, potholes sent me into “Why me?” mode. I thought I was
cursed, or if there was a God, He didn’t love me. Or, I was so unworthy that I was getting what I deserved.


can be seem very negative on the surface but, if you accept that everything has
a reason, you can relax in knowing it will be okay.


things that get in the way of what you think you want or that interrupt your
flow attracts more potholes, since your focus is on what you don’t like. The more you
complain about it, the more energy you give it to attract more negatives. Accept that every person encounters potholes. Unless you cocoon yourself and never go out except to go around the corner on a road you know is smooth to avoid them, the roads you follow will have them.

you can accept what happens, good or bad, and move on, you can stay more
positive and attract better situations.


the fall I was trying to find a tech student to help me with my blog. I
wanted to redesign it and would have paid to get it done. I asked a college
professor whose students do what I need to help me find someone and he said no
problem. But it was a problem. Every time someone was supposed to come it fell
through. Every person fell into a pothole. Though it was frustrating, I accepted it as meant to be and truly knew
that it would all work out. And it did in a wonderful way!


I’d found someone to hire, I’d have paid money to fix up the blog site I’m not
on anymore. I believe that I couldn’t find someone to help me since I was going
to be asked to move my blog to Beliefnet, so I didn’t need to fix up the other
site! I had enough faith to
wait. I could have called the professor again and again to get more names, but
I didn’t. I felt that there was a reason and I let it play out. And now I don’t
need site changes! Had I pushed to find someone I’d have wasted my money.


you accept the roadblocks or glitches or changes in plans, etc., knowing it
will all work out, you attract a good outcome down the road.


you whine or moan or complain about how awful your luck is, you’ll attract more
things to attribute to bad luck. It’s hard to accept it’s okay when things go
wrong. I know. I used to be the queen of complaining. Accepting feels so much
better! Some good examples of how glitches can be positive happened on
9/11. Being from
NYC, I heard many stories about people who had things happen that kept them
from being in the World Trade Center when the planes hit. I bet at the time
there was complaining from the:


·      Person who got
stuck in traffic behind an accident

Woman whose alarm clock didn’t wake her so she
was late

Guy who missed his bus

The man who got a bad blister from his new shoes
and stopped to buy a Band-Aid


There are more people who had “bad luck”
that 9/11 morning and got to the towers after they were hit. So their bad luck
turned into blessings to be alive and unharmed. Everything happens for a
reason. Next time you can’t get a cab, someone you need to talk to doesn’t answer
his phone, the contract is late, you can’t find something you think you need,
etc., remind yourself that everything happens for a reason and relax.


The more you accept what happens and KNOW
it will all work out, the more it will work out in your favor.


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