Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

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Many of us have that moment of decision—do I give the money back to the cashier who gave me a ten dollar bill instead of a one? Do I tell the person they made a mistake that benefits me? People sometimes make mistakes in our favor. Saving money is an enticing reason to keep your mouth shut about mistakes that positively affect you. But is it good for you in the long run?

Being ethical about mistakes that benefit you will attract more good benefits than a short-term gain at someone else’s expense.

I admit that I’ve kept my mouth shut when a cashier gave me too much and reveled in getting some extra money. Later I’d feel guilty. Will someone else have to pay more to make up the shortage or get into trouble because of it? So my benefit led me to negative feelings. It’s not worth it!

The Law of Attraction picks up on dishonesty and returns it to you in ways you might not recognize but that do feel negative.

On the other hand, honesty about mistakes people make brings good rewards. People who find wallets or expensive items someone lost and return them often get a cash reward. Even better is the good feeling you get when someone is grateful that you take the time to return their belongings. Knowing you’ve done the right thing is a reward in itself.

The Law of Attraction responds well to honesty in how you handle other people’s mistakes.

I had a small but significant example of that over the weekend. I was on my way to a full day workshop and stopped to get coffee at a self-service place. Besides my coffee, I decided to get a danish for later in the day since I’d be sitting for so long. It was almost $3. The cashier thought it was a bagel and rang up a dollar and small change. Hmm, I’d save almost 2 bucks! But I knew it wasn’t right and told her what it was. I joked that she could still ring it as a bagel, and she did, saying she appreciated my honesty since few people admit mistakes.

Choosing not to take advantage of someone’s mistake can lead to you saving money anyway!

The cashier ended up just giving me the danish! She said she was entitled to a free one and I could have it. So I ended up paying less than if I’d kept her mistake quiet! It showed me the power of not taking advantage of other people’s mistakes. Sometimes it returns to you more subtlely and you may not recognize it. But, know that it does. That’s a good motivation to be ethical in how you make decisions.

Joseph Sugarman said, “Each time you are honest and conduct yourself with honesty, a success force will drive you toward greater success.”

My life didn’t change much because I saved 3 bucks on my danish. It did change because the incident strengthened my perspective on being ethical. My reward was in the response from the woman toward my honesty. She said most people wouldn’t have corrected her. By doing so, I paid less! The LOA does read the energy and bring good back for being ethical.

Think before you revel in a bargain gotten because someone made a mistake.

They might have to pay for it from their hard earned wages. It’s better to be honest and not take what’s not yours. Being ethical will reward you. It might not happen immediately like it did to me but some time down the road it will come back to you. Even if you don’t know how you attracted something good, know that acting in an ethical way does attract good stuff.

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