Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

This is post 39 in my series on the Law of Attraction in Action. You CAN use your power to attract all that you need. I do it every day! Read the posts in this series to see how.

I don’t think that people smile enough. I always find it odd when people comment about how I’m smiling most of the time, like it’s unusual. I smiled a lot as a kid because I was very happy growing up. Loving parents, lots of friends, caring neighbors, doing well in school all contributed to my contentment. I smiled so much that teachers complained to my mom that it made them nervous!

Then I became an adult, and a DoorMat, and the smiling stopped.

Living for everyone but me gave me little to smile about. I passed time instead of living. Back then, happiness meant not feeling hurt by someone who let me down or missing things I wanted to do because I helped someone with their needs instead. Living to avoid pain or in fear of being alone if you don’t please everything doesn’t bring happiness, hence few smiles.

Not smiling doesn’t attract smiling people and reasons to smile.

When I began my journey out of DoorMatville, I remembered how to smile. The more I did for me, the more I smiled. Eventually I found the happy girl I used to be and became a deliriously happy woman. The more I loved me, the happier I became and the more I smiled. Now I wake up smiling every day. I also learned the benefits of sharing my smiles with others.

Smiling attracts more smiles and rewards that can make you smile more.

People in stores I go to regularly or other people I don’t know well began to call me Little Star or other names indicating they saw my smile as twinkling and liked it. Living in NYC, I tend to be a bit insular when I walk around, and I walk a lot. I occasionally get annoyed by men making comments about my body or just trying to talk me up when I don’t want the attention. So I began to walk with blinders on and ignore any talking at me. One day I was speed walking across town and passed a guy sitting on a stoop who said something to me. I ignored him. He quickly told me to smile, because he thought it would be a lovely one.

I slowed up, turned around, and smiled. He smiled brightly back. It warmed the rest of my day.

Now I try to smile more when I’m in public places. I passed an older lady using a walker and smiled at her. The smile she gave me back expressed gratitude and joy. I was on the subway this week when a grungy looking man came on and announced he was hungry and could anyone spare a few cents. As I walked to the door at my station, I gave him a dollar. He muttered thanks. Then I looked him straight in the eye and smiled.

I can still feel his joy radiating. He gave me a huge happy smile. He got a dollar but I got a priceless gift. It put me into a great mood for that whole day.

Now I smile even more. When I do, I get more smiles back. They’re contagious. And the Law of Attraction attracts more. I didn’t see many smiles in my unsmiling DoorMat days. Now they’re all around me!

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