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This is post 34 in my series on the Law of Attraction in Action. You CAN use your power to attract all that you need. I do it every day! Read the posts in this series to see how.

Do you want to be happy? Are there many things you dream of? Would you like to feel better or improve your life? Change begins with being willing to try to do something different or to have a new response to an old circumstance or to receive. The first element of change or progress, before you even take the first baby step, is acknowledging that you’re willing to try something. It doesn’t mean that you intend to immediately make a move. But it says you’re open to the possibility.

Are you willing to try? Many of us say we are but really aren’t willing to at least try. You may want what you say you want but have inner resistance to making it happen.

You might say all the right things and even wish and hope for them. But, there might be something inside you that makes you unwilling to change or take a step towards it. You might not realize it but the Law of Attraction does and reinforces your unwillingness. Then you wonder why you feel stick.

Not being willing attracts the invisible glue that keeps you in the same old place that you say you don’t want to be in.

When I was a DoorMat, I longed for so much. I wanted to have a cute guy who treated me well, a job I loved, a thinner, fitter body, supportive friends and happiness. It sounded so sweet. But while I wanted them badly on one level, deep down, I wasn’t willing to let them into my life. I didn’t feel worthy of being loved in a healthy way or receiving goodies. I wasn’t willing to stop eating junk or to exercise more. Back then I lived in a state of “Woe is me. Good things don’t come to me.” I couldn’t see it was because I wasn’t willing to let them in or do the work.

Being willing to try doesn’t mean that you have to do anything yet. It’s acknowledging that you’re ready to not stand in your own way.

Yes, I realize now that I stood in my own way when I lived in DoorMatville. It’s something we do automatically as a defense to keep our worlds from rocking too much. We get comfortable in our bad habits. I knew that was my case but at least I knew what to expect with things as they were, even the outcome wasn’t what I said I wanted. Back them, being willing to change meant I’d have to make a big move.

Now I understand that being willing to try means I’m OPEN to doing something a new way or receiving new things.

Make some signs that say “I AM WILLING TO…” Put them around your living space. Whenever you see one, read it aloud and fill in the blank with something you want to make happen.

* “I AM WILLING TO try to love myself more so that I can attract more love from others.”
* “I AM WILLING TO receive more love from others.”
* “I AM WILLING TO consider finding a new job.”
* “I AM WILLING TO try to be more careful about my eating.”
* “I AM WILLING TO try to get out of my ruts.”

You can use the same thing line or different ones. Be spontaneous in what you say or use it as a repeated affirmation of something you’d really want to allow to happen. Saying that you’re willing is almost like giving yourself permission for it to happen. That’s a good message to send to the Universe for the Law of Attraction to pick up on.

It may take you time to take the first baby step, but, when you’re willing to try, your consciousness is raised.

That also tells the Universe you’re open to what you say you want, which sends more opportunities to you. Acknowledging that you’re willing to try sets the Law of Attraction into motion, because it keeps in on your mind in a positive direction. Thinking of excuses for why you can’t do something right now reinforces it not happening. Saying that you’re will to try makes you more open to possibilities by expressing your desire in a positive way.

So repeat after me. “I AM WILLING TO try….” Fill in the blank with whatever it is you’ve had a hard time getting started doing. When you’ve said it often enough, you can convince yourself, and the Universe, that you’re serious. Then you’re in a better position to attract the right circumstances for it to become a reality.

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