Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

Many of you live in countries that don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Having a special day to give thanks isn’t necessary to do it, but many of us need a date to slow down and acknowledge all our blessings. I post gratitude on my Conscious Gratitude Yahoo list almost every day. It makes me think about things I’m grateful for, even if life isn’t going as well as I’d like.

Find a day and be conscious all day long of your blessings.

Recognizing all the things you have going for you helps you keep going when not everything goes your way. Showing gratitude for what you have stimulates the Law of Attraction to bring you more. And it certainly makes you feel a lot better than complaining. ?

While I post my blessings each day, I shall express some of them now. I am VERY grateful:

* I took off the whole 4-day weekend, even though I didn’t post on this blog.
* I have excellent health.
* I have a terrific family.
* I have a career that stokes my passion and stimulates me daily.
* I get to run in Central Park several days a week.
* I have spacious rent stabilized apartment in midtown Manhattan that’s super comfortable and convenient, with friendly people working in the building.
* I get to share my blog with so many people from around the world.
* I wake up happy every day.

Recognize your own blessings and focus on them for a while. It’s the best way to attract more. This is a short post today since I’m grateful to take time off. ?

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