Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

I’m so delighted to announce that the third edition of Start & Run Your Own Record Label (Billboard Books) has been turned in! It’s been an exhausting labor of pure love. I’ve been working on it simultaneously with my book, Nice Girls CAN Finish First (McGraw-Hill), which I must finish in TWO weeks! I’m so blessed to be able to love what I do so much that the pressure of deadlines doesn’t get to me. I just feel bad that I’ve neglected this blog. Hopefully, I’ll do better from now on.

I’m excited about both books. They’re each very special to me. Start & Run Your Own Record Label has been my biggest selling book—so far—close to 100,000 copies. For this new edition, I interviewed over 100 people in order to get the most helpful, up-to-date info and resources for helping my readers have the best shot at a SUCCESSFUL record label. Some are musicians and singers who are marketing their own music. Others are people who are passionate about marketing the music of folks whose talent they believe in.

I feel SUCCESSFUL about finishing my book, and putting so much effort into it.

I’ve been working day and night to get both books done on time and had to put everything else aside in order to do that, and not to do any damage to me. A successful part of self-love is healthy PRIORITIES! My books were my top work priority. But, my well-being was THE top priority.

I could have caught up on emails but I chose sleep instead. In the haze of writing all day and into the night, I made time to nurture myself.

I knew that it was particularly important to take care of me during this frenetic time. Instead of trying to knock out a quick blog post, I made time to run. I got my usual sleep most nights. Deep breathing regularly kept stress from getting out of control. I sometimes worked on my books for 14 hours a day, weekends too! But those other 10 hours were mainly for me—for sleep, running, acupuncture and bits of Me-time!

I’m still feeling very tired today—mentally drained more than anything else. And I must finish Nice Girls CAN Finish First. But that will be more relaxing because I don’t have the intense research that I had for the other. I’m also helping several others write their books—all wonderful ones!

I continually keep in mind how VERY blessed I am to be able to earn a living from my passion of writing! To me, that’s a huge SUCCESS! HUGE!

The re-launch of SUCCESS magazine inspired me to start this Embracing SUCCESS series. The new issue of the magazine has their list of picks for the 50 Greatest Entrepreneurs of all time. All the choices deserve it. Oprah has made a profound affect on the lives of so many others, while amassing a fortune. Without Steve Jobs, I wouldn’t be writing this from my favorite Apple computer. I applaud Bill Gates and the other tech pioneers that are spotlighted.

The article asks you to think about your own choices for the most successful entrepreneurs. I tried to think of some but they were the ones on the list. These people have SUCCESS that can be measured in money terms. I measure SUCCESS in terms of how happy you can make yourself, the ability to generate a living doing what you love, and the impact you have on others.

That last factor—impact you have on others—that’s a big SUCCESS factor to me.

Oprah makes a ton of money but also uses it in many ways to give back. Her school in South Africa is one example of that. Bill Gates ‘ foundation impacts people around the world. Yet there are many other people who didn’t make the list that I see as SUCCESSFUL because of how much they give back to others. They probably don’t make a fraction of what the fifty entrepreneurs earn, but still, they make a difference in the world. That’s SUCCESS!

I don’t belong on the list, I guess, but that doesn’t minimize the SUCCESS I feel. You can look to folks like this for inspiration, and read some of their stories for guidance, while still feeling SUCCESSFUL in your own right.

But YOUR SUCCESS isn’t greater or less when compared to others.

Embrace what you’ve achieved and what you’ve given to others. Individual SUCCESS isn’t about money, though I have no problem with making it! ? But I don’t measure my SUCCESS by dollar signs. My wealth comes from the fan letters I receive, because they tell me I’ve made a difference on each life. The book I just finished will give so many musicians and music entrepreneurs the tools to succeed. That’s my SUCCESS. Money comes. It has to. But the other things make me rich.

Print out the list and type your name at the bottom. Value the SUCCESS you’ve achieved. Try to give back to others for all the blessings you recognize. And, take good care of YOU! That is SUCCESS that only you can make happen!

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