Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

About 10 days ago, my allergies began to kick in. My nose and eyes were itchy and watery. Then I spent 2 days having a reunion for a group of people I went to elementary school with so there was a lot of talking going on and irritated my throat. By Sunday I couldn’t wait to crash early. But, the guy designing my new website called to go over some stuff so I had to talk, for a long time, on that scratchy throat.

Tuesday night I went to see Lifehouse at Roseland. I was on the guest list and couldn’t pass up the opportunity. But all the talking above the music and singing along made my already sore throat worse. An air conditioning vent blew some very cold air on my left side all night. Plus I stood most of the time. It wasn’t crowded because I was in the balcony—a restricted area. Celebs like Keifer Sutherland and Nick Lachey stood nearby.

After ages of staying mainly in one place, I leaned awkwardly on the balcony railing to take pressure off my feet. By Wednesday morning I felt like I’d been beaten up. All the contorted positions I’d gotten into haunted me with pain in my back, neck, legs and side. My allergies were much worse and my head hurt from across my forehead and over my head to my neck. Probably some was from the cold air blowing on me. If I sat still, the pain subsided. But moving set it off. I plodded through my writing but missed running in Central Park. Thursday I felt no better.

So I got pro-active! When you don’t feel well, you can lay around feeling miserable or do what you can to show that you’re serious about healing. Then the Law Attraction can work with you!

I did affirmations. “My body is healing nicely.” “I refuse to be sick anymore!” I made an effort to drink a lot more water and took some extra vitamins. And I forced myself to bring my laptop to my desk to write. I’d been propped up in bed with it, which probably made my sore neck and back worse. That evening I went for acupuncture.

Being proactive made me feel like the power was back in my court. I got more determined to heal!

I slept poorly that night but EXPECTED my body to heal. Friday morning my allergies felt better once I walked around, but my back and neck still ached a lot and my head still hurt if I moved too much. By later afternoon I was craving exercise like a drug, but knew running wasn’t meant to be. So I got my backpack and headed across town to a vegetable store that I rarely get to, as an excuse for a long walk. I figured if I felt too bad I’d turn around.

I was out of breath at first. My lungs seemed to have forgotten how to breath, since I’d sat around so much for days. But I kept affirming that I was fine and could do it as I consciously did deep belly breathing and picked up speed. After a few blocks I forget my problems. Power walking is a full body activity for me and mine seemed to love it. My soreness eased a little and while my headache was still there, it didn’t bother me much.

SUCCESS = working through a physical problem and coming out on the other side feeling better!

Saturday I didn’t hurt as much and my headache was much fainter. It was supposed to rain most of the day but turned out bright and sunny. The weatherman changed Sunday’s nice forecast to damp. When I heard that, I knew I had to run. I hesitated since my back was still pretty sore and didn’t know how my head would respond to running. But I really needed to go and affirmed that I’d feel better after. When my back groaned as I tied my sneakers I reconsidered, but quickly reassured myself I could take it easier or go back any time if it felt wrong.

So I ran. I was again short of breath when I began, but pushed through it. My back and neck hurt the whole time as my head throbbed just a little, but I continued. The pleasure of running offset the discomfort. As I pumped my arms hard, I felt it in my back but continued. My gut told me it was fine to do it and I know my gut is triggered from above.

As I ran out of the park I felt a big surge of pride. I’d SUCCESSFULLY completed a full route, without cutting myself slack!

You may be thinking that I’m making a big deal of this. Why is Daylle even telling me this story? Because this is a good example of how viewing a small accomplishment as SUCCESS gave me a BIG shot of good feelings. Appreciating that anything you challenge yourself to do and complete is SUCCESS. I could have focused on how it was harder to run while feeling tired, with pain in my back. Or just I could have just done it and not thought about it at all. Instead, I got great pleasure that went well beyond the run itself. I felt proud of my SUCCESS of running through my pain. I grinned broadly as I returned.

You can overcome most things with will and setting your mind to it. Recognizing smaller SUCCESSES makes your will even stronger. Not giving in to feeling bad makes you stronger. Using setbacks as excuses to avoid doing things brings more setbacks. I felt lousy for days and took it easy but continued my writing. By Friday, it was time to heal! Go slowly but go forward, no matter what.

The bonus—Sunday morning, all the pain—neck, back and head—were completely gone.

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