Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

Today I heard the disturbing news that my governor was caught hiring a prostitute. The full story hasn’t come out yet, but reports say he hired a woman through a prostitution service in NY to take a train down to Washington DC. When she got there, Governor Eliot Spitzer got caught!

This is the man who ran a campaign as the good guy, pledging to fight for ethics reform. When he was NY state Attorney General, he seemed squeaky clean. He was even dubbed “the sheriff of Wall Street” for his strong campaigns against misconduct in the financial services area, and other industries. I was thrilled when he ran for governor of NY.

When Spitzer won, I thought my state was in good hands. Yet this pillar of politics got caught with his pants down, well almost, anyway.

After working to clean up prostitution, he thought he was above the law and still entitled to indulge in the industry he crusaded against. Power does get to the heads of some men! I saw his news conference and he walked in confidently, with a smile on his face, his wife and three daughters by his side. He was solemn when he said his few words. Then he left, to work on healing the wounds to his family. The problem goes a lot deeper than that!

Why didn’t you think of the repercussions before you let your lower head get so cocky Governor Spitzer? What made you think you were above the law, and above the convictions you had for others? And that you could break the beliefs you said you stood for.

This reminded me of another politician—hmmm…. “I did not have sex with that woman.” Bill Clinton also had that arrogance!

Power addles good sense in men whose egos are overblown from having power. I think it makes them feel invincible, like they can’t get caught. Clinton had it bad. Then the southern head gets involved and these men think they can do what they please. And they leave the rest of us wondering how they could be so stupid! Power gone awry!

I believe that people with good self-esteem have more consideration to others, and more self-respect. Self-esteem comes from within. Power doesn’t guarantee having it. Insecure little boys can grow into bigger insecure boys who walk around in a façade that power creates. They always feel invincible and think they won’t get caught. Or maybe they need to cross lines to make themselves feel better. But it’s no substitute for real self-empowerment.

We can learn from them. Before doing something you know is wrong but think you can get away with it, think again. What would be the consequences of being caught? Loss of job or face? Jail? Fines? Losing someone you care about? Living with knowing what youdid? Ask yourself if it would be worth it.

The best way to do it is to live your life with integrity. Don’t do things you can get away with if they’re wrong. The Law of Attraction brings your actions back to you. Knowing this is another good reason not to do wrong. Nobody is above the law. You may think these men get away with it all but they don’t. You don’t know what goes on in their day-to-day life. Clinton had to face his issues with promiscuity. I’m not sure he’s cured—yet. But I’m sure some of his stuff hit his fan.

I hate to have Spitzer leave office, but I’m afraid it’s what will happen. And probably should. I don’t know all the details yet so I reserve final judgment. I’m just sorry that power corrupted even the ethical crusader.

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